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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 21, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ >> tremendous investments to the united state. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> saudi arabia laying out the red carpet. >> the president's first-order business banking $110 billion weapons bill. >> very strong for our common enemies. >> it is substantive. these are investments in american jobs, american infrastructure. >> 9:00 a.m. eastern expected to deliver a major speech on terrorism and islam. >> the ideology and intervention and shared values. >> you will really call to action everyone to come together
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in unity to defeat terrorism and extremism. >> reciting making a splash. >> she's covered out. she's very, very elegant. >> president drunk tonight dancing to our day. this is a traditional saudi war dance. >> it was a tremendous day. pete: welcome to "fox & friends sunday." resident trump said to give a major speech the muslim world this morning. >> and current deals dominate the first half of the five nation trip. pete: benjamin hollin riyadh saudi arabia with the latest on this trip. good morning, benjamin. reporter: good morning. it couldn't be going better so far. it all began yesterday with the red carpet being rolled out with
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an important handshake at the steps of air force one which is a rare honor to be granted. a very long 13 hour day in president trying down to business almost straight away hosting the bilateral talks between the u.s. and saudi arabia. culminate in the blender $10 billion on which is spread to $350 billion over the next 10 years in a row focus on that for u.s. companies and president trump as saying jobs, jobs, jobs as well as regional security. it was time for levity in the evening. secretary tillerson, getting really involved there. something they've done this before and even president trump doing a little jig pit that was the end of monday and now we are into the next. the president has been incredibly busy meeting with gcc leaders one after the next. he said he would be visiting him at some point in the future in egypt. he said about president trump that he had a unique personality
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capable of doing the impossible to which president trump agreed he also met with the qatar today saying he would ask back to our start night u.s. jobs. he talked about the sense of resetting relationships between the u.s. in the region when he talked to the kingdom reign. have a listen. >> the countries have a wonderful relationship to other that has been a little strange, but they won't be stranded this administration. reporter: of course today we have been aimed both at the domestic audience as well as the regional audience. he will have to toe a fine line. listen closely to whether he will use the word islamic terrorism and pushed the region to do more. he finishes up to date with a tweet. that is president trump engaging directly with the people as he always has done. not just with the leaders there. he will talk to the people of
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the middle east. see any really successful trip from the president. pete: during his state of the union address and during his inauguration and use radical islamic terrorism for the first time. >> he has been consistent on that. clayton: it's interesting to watch the live stream media access over whether they will use those words. didn't care whether barack obama used it for eight years. his nuance. he doesn't use the word because he doesn't want to tick off our allies. nothing alike is he going to say it? maybe he will, maybe it won't. we know where his heart is on the issue. abby: think what will your today is a strong speech and how we'll go about defeating a face. not just like a lecture that a collaborative power we going to do this together because we cannot defeat a safe and terrorism without everyone on board. we need help in this fight. that's a huge part of the speech today.
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pete: someone involved in the crafting of the speeches kellyanne conway last night. this is what she sent us a preview of what we may sit this morning. >> he wants to go right into the heart of the muslim world and defeat terrorism and pushing back extremism. every religion once people out of its way. every country wants to go out and play. we need to get serious about this. the trip is significant because it reestablishes america's dominance as a global leader but we continue to build this relationship with allies around the globe and we are looking for cooperation and what the president has said from practically day one in his campaign let alone his presidency which is we want to push back on those that want the death and destruction of good people. pete: and to bring ambassador john bolton this morning to analyze and get them sent over the speech will go this morning. good morning, mr. ambassador. i want to read a little bit of
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days for you and get your reaction here. this is not a battle between different faiths, sex or civilization. this is barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people of all regions who seek to protect it. this is a battle between good and evil. would he make of that? >> sounds pretty good to me. the reception that the president has gotten saudi arabia into their arab heads of state that he's been meeting with these past two days gives a notion that the islamic world is appalled that he talks about radical islamic terrorism and the war on terror. i think they understand they are in we got exactly what the threat is. i think this speech will be an interesting one to compare with barack obama is famous 2009 speech in cairo were the words terror and terrorism did not pass his lips.
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it is muslims who borne the brunt from islamic terrorism and they are looking for america to wake up to the nature of the threat. the speech should help that. abby: is very disconnected by meredith at home and they criticize him for being strong on that, calling up radical islam -- and murkier the mainstream media picking him apart for that. >> sure. the attitude frankly is condescending and patronizing towards muslims did they understand the nature of the struggle that they face. abdullah of jordan, the muslim king of a country has called the struggle a civil war within islam. that strikes me as a good analysis good enough for king abdullah, goodenow for president trump. got to be good enough to the rest of us. pete: mr. ambassador, predictably trying to find reasons to point fingers or hiccups or mistakes. a couple things from all appearances across the spectrum is a very successful day
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response from the saudis do is return of american leadership. a couple things they are trying to pick apart asymptote as we could put a period the president trump tower when he received the highest honor that saudi arabia gives to anyone. we were covering this life yesterday morning when he received a medal. he was empowering. he was foaming down. >> he's really tall. the king is elderly. initially at the plate he didn't pout. the fact that one is the thumbs-up in the middle east. this is one i served in iraq and afghanistan. it could be received as a cultural sense except in the one their discipline understands what the thumbs-up the thumbs-up means in the west. why does the media was going to stuff like this? >> they obsess on trivia. be sensitive to other people's cultures. occasionally they can be sensitive to ours, too. clayton: great point. abby: from standby.
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david fox news alert to our audience. north korea testing a test launch another mid range missile overnight. say that traveled more than 300 miles towards japan. as to be that tend not missile launched this year by north korea. the white house responding thing we are aware that north korea north korea launched in mr bm. as a shorter range than the missile launched in north korea. clayton: mr. ambassador, all eyes right now. is this another opportunity for kim jong sub judice look at me, pay attention to me? >> it's also possible it's an orderlyerating program even though this one was apparently medium-range. you're not always testing for distance. you could be testing for guidance. you could be tested in the case of north korea for reentry capabilities of warheads and
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ballistic missiles. let's not forget coming back to the middle east iran and north korea have cooperated for at least 30 years. they both use the same soviet era scud missile technology. object inside the same. delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons in the extent of cooperation between iran and north korea is on the minds of arab leaders i can tell you. pete: mr. ambassador, many with iran, qatar comes to the deputy prime minister right now of oman. a lot of the response you've gotten positively is because american leadership is backward used the word out for now. president trump eggs is a strength. how much of that is important in the way he was received yesterday and today? >> it was a clear demonstration in this two-day visit how warmly he's been received and how the leaders particularly on the arabian peninsula who have been tearing their hair out for eight years not only about the jeopardy they are left in, but
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that america has acted contrary to its own national interests. they don't understand it. they see trump as appreciating the threat of iran. they've heard what he said in a campaign about how bad the iran nuclear deal is. they welcome this opportunity and hope the speeches that harping about comes next with the speech can be great. what really matters is the follow-up, the practical implementation. abby: grape point. we will care that this morning not "fox and friends." great to have your insight. other headlines now. terrifying moments on a jet pack of passengers crashes into a trap. the flight from mexico city with taxing to the gate only acts in the wake slammed into a supply truck tipping it over. a pupil metric seriously hurt but are now recovering this morning. none of the 146 passengers on board the flight locally where her. still unclear what caused the
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crash. in china crippling u.s. operations by killing cia agents according to a chilling "new york times" article. the report claims between 2010 and 2012 the chinese government killed or jailed up to 20 informants driving up u.s. -- that israel. still unclear if the agents were exposed by hack work could help china intensified the agents are identified with cia has not commented on the report. duane faraj-johnson running for president in 2020. >> i'm in. posting the season finale of "saturday night live," the baywatch star making the announcement. asked for his running mate, tom hanks does it banner that says rock hanks 2020. >> could be an interesting take it. treat you never know. pete: robert mueller -- our next
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abby: the doj naming former fbi director robert baller special counsel to oversee the russian investigation. her next guest claims for has a serious conflict of interest that should disqualify him from his position. maybe few conflicts of interest.
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pete: fox news anchor and former attorney greg garrett is here to explain. pete: you've had an interesting take that a lot of people praising the pick of mueller. the nike has impeccable credentials. the problem is he is a glaring conflict of interest. the law governing the special counsel says you cannot serve if you have a conflict of interest. with this conflict? his long and close working and personal relationship with james comey. comey is going to be a key pivotal witness in the case committee investigation into interference in pollution will morph into now comey meeting with quite with president trump. mueller has to decide the credibility and myth he said, he said. is he going to believe his good friend for the man who fired his good friend, even impeccably honest people can be influenced suddenly and psychologically in
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ways they don't even understand or appreciate are recognized themselves. if we are to have trust in our system of justice and fidelity to the law, we have to make sure that it's absolutely fair and impartial and objective in this raises serious questions by virtue of mueller and comey. they were known to be mentor protége. >> they were. they stood together in solidarity in the warrantless wiretap case in 2004. both of them together said to the president of the united states that than george bush, we are going to resign if you don't take action. look, that makes the entire exercise suspect. abby: gray come you been digging so deep. are we in the watergate level? if you watch the media. this is "the new york times" editorial from this morning. the national interests and
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integrity of the democratic process are undeniably at stake in this investigation and a patron at the president and associate a negation attempt to obstruct justice. really bad stuff good turnout. that is a word that someone's obstruction on a monumental scale. >> a couple things. it's all about the law. obstruction of justice. wishing and hoping that flynn gets cleared because he's a good guy doesn't constitute specific intent for obstruction of justice. but the president has the president had said dr. investigation or you're fired, arguably that's obstruction. but this isn't. the second point is look at the order that rod rosenstein sent to the council. it tells him to investigate a crime of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. there is no crime of collusion in an election. there's no statute that says that the crime.
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it's, but i'm a wrong. maybe someday they should be a crime, but there's no crime. he is tasked with searching for a crime that by legal definition doesn't exist. pete: made alan dershowitz on the couch yesterday. democrats said the exact same thing. >> any spray. comey memos about the one particular meeting. is there an opportunity to look at my most earlier, loretta lynch and former president bill clinton. there were other instances that you could stay obstruction or other -- with another one? hillary clinton, doj. >> i'm glad you brought it up. a few days ago, rosenstein met privately with members of congress. he told them the handling of the clinton a nutcase close quote wrong and unfair. if so, why hasn't the department of justice reopened an investigation and re-examined the evidence and decide with a
3:21 am
special counsel whether in fact she did violate the espionage act. it was comey who they got a perfect case in and said no reasonable prosecutor would bring the case. there are thousands of prosecutors in america would've happily brought that case. >> where does this go from here? the american people are trying to wrap their head. where does it go? >> well, it is interesting because this is new territory. four congressional committees to an investigation simultaneous with the special counsel. councils generally take months if not years to conduct their investigation. who knows what's going to happen next. there are conflicting interests here. the very act of president. he's combative. you've got a wait and see. abby: and predictable. great to have you here. clayton, over to you. clayton: in just a few hours of president trump will have the
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fight against islam in the nature -- what approach should he take? you're doing and cofounder of the republican muslim coalition salva ahmed along with intel officer andrew pekin from a u.s. navy seal carl higbee will call them up this morning to dive into this. i want to start with you. are you looking for strength from this president? do you think you might approach this with a softer ridge sitting face-to-face with leaders today? >> he came up with a lot of strength when he came off without about. the other thing is he is trying to divide this romantic type or religion. he's trying to divide amongst people who want to destroy society and people who want to maintain it. this is a very important speech not in the sense of religion but he's making a clear division between terrorism and people who want to survive without it. pete: are you looking for the president to talk to the people or around the people who are mess.
3:23 am
the people who have been trying to co-opt islam. be looking for him to address those people? >> exactly. looking forward to president trump speech. he will send a strong message to the islamic world that we want trade deals. we want to create american jobs than we want to work together and fight terrorism. i think he has strong american leadership in high demand and use project team that around the world and that's why he has gotten such a presidential welcome in the muslim world. i think he will make amends with the muslim leadership. he's going to be making tremendous trade deals to saudi arabia, qatar, bahrain and then the other islamic countries. that's all good for america and american jobs. trained to use think this speech is secondary to the optics to the objects we've seen over the last 24 hours that he's had a successful trip. you think this speech is secondary to what we've been seeing on the screen?
3:24 am
>> absolutely. you know, the trip has been such a success so far in the sense of announcing the arms deal with saudi arabia about announcing the investment deal in such a symbol of reassurance to the saudis about their number one present third which is iran. reinsurance that america and her trump would not continue the obama policy of tilting towards iran and things that syrian civil war and the iranian nuclear deal. it is they went so far regardless of what he says today. >> i want to read an expert of today's speech. i'll put this up on the screen. not a battle between different age, source civilization. this is barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people of all regions who seek to protect it. this is a battle between good and evil. >> this is something of president trump can engage the saudi government and military forces to go after i says, barack obama didn't engage that
3:25 am
much. what we want to see year is then taking a major lead, a muslim country taken a major league. we can more effectively when this war. we have to be careful have to be carefully kangaroo singing about the iran syria alliance there because what is saudi arabia going to be one faces is complete? we have to be careful to not get too involved because that is another nationbuilding rattle. >> is very difficult. i watch. i watch her take. i watch her take on the lawn at trump yesterday. much has been made of this action or have scarf on the tarmac. what you make of that and how important was that? >> i think she looked beautiful as always. she sent a strong message as first lady regardless of her head scarf. i think she were beautiful just as at all the ceremonies. they think you know we need to look beyond just the headscarf. it's just a symbolic gesture whether sewers that are not as their personal choice.
3:26 am
i think is the first lady, she did a fabulous job. >> are preaching looking for strength and leadership in the united states, no? >> and absolutely yes. things like dancing the saudi's, obviously a very close personal relationship is something that conveys strength and symbolism. i think however there is a danger that the saudis own culpability for their links to radical islam extremism is something that would be so under the rug because when we talk about extremism, he linked it to iran. not specifically to sunni arab nations who are kind of link to it through substate groups like wealthy individuals. that is something that needs to be addressed. >> the president when he was campaigning with not shy of criticizing saudi arabia are the exact message you product. can you not call for waking up early on a sunday. we appreciate you joining us. next on the rundown. the three were saudi arabia's foreign minister just said though that liberal heads
3:27 am
explode. i should say he borrowed a line from president trump. plus, one of the most popular dramas on tv right now. the theme for the show billions of sparking major outrage. the families of 9/11 but dems are saying straight ahead you forget the pundits. cnn asking relax is what they think of president trump. >> what would you ask? [inaudible] >> what he think his answer would be? >> playing golf. third graders here to react to that. dan bungee no, go ahead. ♪ . wow. hope you're fast. i am. get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change with investment management services.
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♪ lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. >> if we can change the conversation in the u.s. to partnership with the u.s. and if we can change the conversation in the u.s. and in the last tourist islamic world to one of partnership, we'll truly changed our world and we will have truly tried the voices of extremism will have drained the swamps from which extremism and terrorism emanates. transfer the saudi born minister repeating a word we've heard president trump saying. >> we want to bring in dan bongino. >> right and early.
3:32 am
pete: what he think about that? zero that fanfare. the liberal media seems to be zeroing in on an unprecedented welcome in the tarmac yesterday. the signing ceremony, giving up the medal. yet the left-wing media focusing on some controversies at the event down to get the medal. he's an elderly man. he sank helping them out. it's like a feet tall. he's probably in front of the king. he gave a thumbs-up at one point would match "-begin-quote truly as root in that area. to the western world positive. >> there was a story the day before that he likes steak was captured. god forbid you here he eclipsed his toenails. i e-mailed one of the producers. 2017 is fair journalism died. they did or there is excessive to take out of donald trump that they become the victorian garb of a false narrative. trump is incompetent and worse
3:33 am
corrupt. they keep beating this litany of bogus stories to keep in the front of the public that this guy is going to collapse in this presidency will fail but they're not interested in the truth and facts. >> year ago when former president obama did the strip of the king did not meet him. the coverage that he got compared to what we are seeing now. really unbelievable. that's the best way to compare hypocrisy. >> this is a very serious trip. we are seeking a tidbit from the focus strip down the palestinian issue to a tidbit of focusing on iranians and a more balanced policy in the middle east which puts out is on the back burner. none of that being reported because their access to the fact donald trump might donald trump might have eaten at drinking it made culturally offended someone which is ridiculous. >> a lot of people commenting the president who comes not on bended me, not apologizing, at to accommodate your culture that
3:34 am
any american president down traditions. and as a result they respect him more for it. >> you and i both traveled. i remember being a secret service agent to an elated vincennes multiple foreign trips read a country with a history of totalitarian rule said to me one time and i never forgot this. he said i was asking whether cap going in secret service for everything rather than the white house staff. he said he has guns has the power in this foreign countries. they respect authority and strengthen the guy did not respect the white house staff. he saw him as an administrator. pete: would be so remiss if we didn't if we did not do the logistics -- i don't want to say logistical nightmare. weeks and weeks ahead of this going into the middle east. >> , kind of weirded me out. usually we shut.down right away. is this kind of happening right
3:35 am
now, and ninja going to come out. nightmare is the right way to describe it. not only a three-week advance we've put together logistics and security for it. you fly out in advance to the dance. these are monstrous trips. a motorcade in the sky with weapons, cars, helicopters in the plane. >> it's a nightmare to coordinate. he was a few years off your life. >> how is it gone so far? >> i am mystified. i was sure there is going to be hit. the best secret service advances in the world always have a little hiccup. so far from enough thank you it looks to be pretty seamless. >> turning to the press, they are covering it, but there is always back home chaos, there's a scandal. an article we will pull a quote from this morning talking about it is surveyed white house staff.
3:36 am
they view it as completely undisciplined from president trump and self-destructive. they are exacerbated, sick and tired of the media feeding frenzy. at the most frustrating moments they will admit trump has gotten special gazillions they can begin to understand. a code of protection that seems on the supernatural. so many people chattering, so many unnamed sources. >> the media frenzy, these fraud fake phony staffers on the inside who accepted this position and an oath of loyalty to the president. at least loyalty to not leaking this fake, phony permafrost that goes. they're the ones causing the media frenzy. have some guts. i was a secret service agent. i knew there were things wrong. i resigned. i left my pension, health care, salary. fox didn't call me and say resigned. but you on tv. none of that happened. these guys need to resign, have some guts.
3:37 am
stop taking the salary. trade you an opinion piece about this undermine the presidency. maybe he should have a staff undergo polygraph test that this is not low-level obama. these are people that trump put into his office. that is the problem. >> maybe some advisers. pete: inner circle causing this. >> promoted is absolutely right. quarterly polygraphs is the first question. you would be spoken to you are not authorized to speak to buy the white house. i guarantee you get a 95% rate. he needs to clean this place up. it's really telling that it had this thing about the unauthorized contacts between the russians prefix six paragraphs down it says people who reviewed the context is that it wasn't necessarily anything criminal or illegal. how did they review the context? >> at the bigger problem for these people because they are destroying his presidency.
3:38 am
think about it this way. you don't know if i can trust you. i'm sitting next to on the staff. i have to now lawyer rap at the fear that i might be brought in on a subpoena. >> you are throwing chum in the water. >> you don't know who you can trust and you have to protect your family. were he not been said in a couple hundred dollars to protect your family. >> the problem is it's literally impacting international domestic diplomacy. as you said accurately so, if i can't have a conversation with the russian foreign ambassador for the russian head of state if you come over worrying about everything they can, then you can connect diplomacy. there is no possible way. you don't want every conversation as if it's happening. >> so dangerous to our national security. think about the meeting took ambassador to russia. very coming very few people actually inside those walls which really makes you curious as to where it's coming on. i like your thoughts on this.
3:39 am
cnn now asking third graders their opinion of president trump. >> are investigating him to see if russia has the campaign to give them more votes. [inaudible] >> i feel like it would be good to know whether something that i would be real or not. not if you do see much or not. >> so far promising to lower taxes. i don't want to be paid a million dollars. >> what don't you like what he said so far? do any of you feel sorry for them? >> yes. >> would you ask? >> was your favorite part about being president. >> we think his answer is? >> playing golf. abby: can we just tiger them? >> that's amazing.
3:40 am
i read the opinion piece in the washington post and i don't see much of a disconnect between the intellectual i.q. and man. the advocate of false narratives and then put a bunch of 3-year-olds out there to make sure the rest of the public knows look what we've done. that would've accomplished even third-graders believe us. transfer that to know how that reacted. we are sending you -- >> i don't think he cared at all. i'm a third grader. pete: will have to stick around. with a busy morning. get some analysis throughout the show. had the president beach a short time from now. the president not the only one making an historic speech. vice president penn's set to speak at notre dame. predictably they say they will walk out. so much for tolerance. abby: a new study says 80% of coverage of charms for some hundred days was negative.
3:41 am
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and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. abby: disney world's iconic exhibit may be starting president trump. a robot of the commander-in-chief will be added to the edit in florida that he may not get a speak and relate though clinton did commit george w. bush and barack obama. park officials have made a final decision but they said it would create a middle ground after protesters filed a petition to keep president trump out completely. a popular show sparking outrage amongst the families of 9/11 terror attack. >> i wasn't sure you'd come. >> i wasn't going to.
3:45 am
>> when i saw we wanted to meet, i could not. >> filming that scene at the ground zero site to the sacred burial ground should not be used as a hurry with dr. while others believe it's to drink showcases and benefits made to keep a real flow. can never keep everyone happy. abby: new harvard study shows president trump could be right on the money when he says the mainstream media doesn't give him a fair shot. according to the ivy league university, 80% of the first 100 days was negative. does this prove there's a built-in bias against the administration? you're for debate on the strategist jamie labatt fox news contributor and talkshow host david webb. good morning to you both. i want to start with you. we are going to put up a full screen of the study from harvard about the different works.
3:46 am
cnn 93% negative, nbc 93, cbs 91. the feeling "new york times" 87. fox news channel at the bottom, 50/50 strata.tive stories coming out from the so-called mainstream media outlets. how can this not be seen as overwhelming bias? >> you can't be said any other way. from the school that brought back segregation black students in the box on the graduation is a point of personal insults, their grandparents must be rolling over in their graves. here comes the truth about the media. let's analyze this from a business standpoint. for them its ratings from the far left base, but also a feeling number. the media bias they exhibit is bill clinton who was impeached 60% and president trump over 90% for most of them. take a look at it from my point of view. obama 41% still up for debate.
3:47 am
the fact is they are also trying to appeal to that base but they are failing under business. look at the success of talk shows. our shows across the spec terms are rated in the top tier of the time slots for years. that is a significant difference. >> what is your take on the study covering the media and whether they are negative or positive. does not send a message of who it really is? >> i don't think it actually does. i have to admit while harvard is the top of the gain in the world in terms of media analysis, this study simply point out that this is a president who came out swinging against the media. he said i'm going to kick over a hornets next. where these journalists now looking to do stories that are negative? donald trump has made it very clear that he does not like the media, is not interested in the media.
3:48 am
that change during the actual campaigns from the time he was actually given the most favorable coverage of other gop candidates for president and when it came time to recognize this as a legitimate candidate, the one who is likely to ascend -- not assigned, but be elected president, i saw a media should be doing, they started critiquing the actual policy points. >> to that point, aren't independent journalist supposed to be above that fray? we are going to cover what you're actually doing. david referred to the coverage between trump and obama. take a look at this in the first 100 days. 80% of the coverage overall good that they're barack obama. 59% positive. they were basically saying that give this guy a chance where president trump they are saying let's not give them any chance at all. >> i disagree. trumpet the muslim bambang that got shot down.
3:49 am
you had americans of all stripes. saying i'm a lawyer. i can help. trump came out doing -- >> she's off the rails. can we get back to the study had done here. >> you're going off the rails. >> this study was done based on the type of coverage. their coverage addresses the negative and positive. but i've been at this game for almost 30 years. i can choose what i do as a journalist, as an opinion person. the media has the same responsibility. the fact that they choose negative coverage is an implicit bias. it's like choosing to cover one baseball team's losses versus another one. i've been at this too long and have observed in print and on medium swearword and i've seen a remarkable difference in the type of coverage. again, this is based on an organization that judges the type of coverage by numbers, not
3:50 am
by how people feel. pete: will have to leave it right there. david webb, thank you both for joining us this morning. fair and balanced as fox news channel is. next on the rundown, vice president pens set to speak at goddard team's commencement. some students say they are going to walk out. so tolerant. ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
pete: welcome back. vice president is set to speak today. some students planning to walk out in protest. pete: joining us now, and alexandra desantis. nice to see this morning. >> is to be with you. stay front and from notre dame says students who indicated they were protest assured us they would be quietly and respectfully. they are being clobbered of which was our expectation from the start. in other than on a protest will be seriously disrupted. we expect me there. the students expect to get up and walk out if vice president pens about to speak. what do you think about this? >> i just don't really understand how any number of student getting up in the middle of a speech or at the start of the speech and leaving the stadium is not going to be disruptive. even if they are not chatting on their way out. it is hard to see how they can get out of the stadium without clearly disrupting the ceremony. especially sitting right in front of you. they're about 144 students who
3:55 am
say they will protest. why even go? free speech, do whatever you want to do. why not sign a petition and work from the outside. why go to this address? >> i think it's a classic example of the so-called virtue signaling. they're not skipping commencement because they don't want to hear and speak. they're making a statement about how much they care about progressive values and the spot making graduation about politics rather than people who are graduating. >> how is this tolerant? the mac it's really not. pence does not align with values. in reality, number of his policies toward harry much including his start for the sanctity of life and a number of other issues. he will give a great address. he's a native son of indiana. i don't understand why this is such an issue.
3:56 am
abby: he's giving the speech live at 10:30 a.m. eastern. he's used to do so. a portion of the tube clay hamilton in new york city. he handles it so gracefully. i'm sure will be a great speech and you'll know what to do. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. pete: president trump in a two night arab leaders against radical islam. mike huckabee and to respond this morning. firefighters take next. ♪ this is the schmidt's yard. and, oh schmidt, that's a lot of dirt. but there's plenty of time for scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxiclean to work it's magic. all while being safe to use around plants and grass. guaranteed. this is a scotts yard.
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4:00 am
abby: saudi arabia laying out the red carpet. adding $110 billion within steel. >> sends a very strong message to our common enemies. >> at a subsidized. these are investments in american jobs, american infrastructure. >> 9:00 a.m. expected to deliver a major speech on terrorism and islam. >> the president will talk about ideology and intervention and instead shared values. >> you will call to action are going to come together in unity to defeat terrorism and extremism. >> the first lady making a splash. >> paying respect to -- is covered up yet very, very elegant. >> president trump tonight dancing the art. this is a traditional saudi war dance. >> it was a tremendous day.
4:01 am
pete: good sunday morning, everyone. look in my there've riyadh, saudi arabia. king solomon sitting there waiting at the royal court awaiting the presidential motorcade that president trump and his team set to arrive a bit of a lunch i had a big meeting today. >> we've been waiting to hear to the arab leaders. you do not want to miss that appeared a lot of important things talked about. fighting terrorism, how we work with your patients to get it right. a lot going on this morning. pete: recite yesterday morning. we didn't know what to ask that you agree with the red carpet. seen today getting down to business. 45 bilateral meetings at different countries. reception with heads of state coming up. heads of state arriving, it remained the king of saudi arabia with a traditional kiss on the cheek and later on they will have a luncheon and the president was peek at the
4:02 am
luncheon with the highly anticipated start speech in the area. >> excerpts from the speech this morning. these excerpts from the president's speech have a lot of teeth. they are going right after the of islam and going right after the people who as he calls them brutal, brutal disruptors that will ruined this religion. >> quite a change from what we've seen over the past eight years. yesterday the warm welcome with excitement to see president trump in saudi arabia. they want to take you to riyadh saudi arabia, covering every detail of this trip so far. benjamin, good morning. >> yeah, good morning. everyone looking ahead to the all-important speech. today has started to impact for president trump. meeting after meeting. over 50 minutes into his speech.
4:03 am
if we just remember where it all starts with the handshake. yesterday morning they sign the trip will be put ceremonial relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia appeared beginning of a long day. 13 hours. wasting no time at the trader joe's yesterday. $110 billion in arms sales. the biggest ever. a real focus on u.s. companies. as well as regional security. there is after that business a better time to to get down and relax. secretary tillerson and secretary ross. we know he's been many times before. today we saw the bilateral meetings with many countries, arab countries and we see the president respond to each of those. he said he would be pleased to
4:04 am
go inside to president trump the president had a unique personality capable of doing the impossible to which president trump agreed. he talked about the focus and the king of bahrain and a reminder of how important the trip is resetting relations in the region. listen to what he said. >> the countries have a wonderful relationship to gather. there has been a little strained but there won't be strained with this administration. >> are looking ahead to speech today, pointing out it was written by stephen miller, the architect of trump's travel ban. he is going to push for the country to take a stronger role in the battle against islamic terrorism. that will be crucial. we finished the day up with a
4:05 am
twitter convention. that's also not to be scoffed at because that the way the president has reached out and engage with the people. not just the leaders, the right to them. i run brett there will be participating in that convention. a lot to look forward to, not least of that speech. pete: a fascinating page to be there. we appreciate that. pete: that's been a gop presidential candidate mike huckabee whose lives in jerusalem. this morning always focusing riyadh in saudi arabia. thank you very much. before we get your reaction, we've got an excerpt that has just come out with persons at this beach that we believe the president is going to be giving today just a couple hours. one that stuck out to us that this is not a battle between different faith,. this is barbaric criminals who seem to obliterate human life
4:06 am
and decent people of all regions who seek to protect it. this is a battle between good and evil. i knew when we got for saddam is standing together against the murder of innocent muslims, persecution of jewish and other christians good barbers and will deliver you no glory. what do you anticipate today? >> i think he's going to give a very candid speech. this is bold language. especially saudi arabia saying that in riyadh. also an important message in the world. i'm delighted to see that while this president understands a place for diplomacy, he also recognized as a bigger place for candor and clarity in the spring and that in this message today and bravo for that. >> how does he keep that comment on? the speech is important, but more importantly how they follow through with it, how they continue to work together to make progress when it comes to fight terrorism, how do they keep the momentum? >> what is important here is he
4:07 am
is laying out a framework of a something we have not had any number of years where he is saying there's something simply unacceptable, intolerable and we all have to share the responsibility to stand against it. he has been widely criticized for using terms like radical islamic terror. but he's been unafraid to talk about the fact that when you take any type of religion and use it as a way of murdering masses of people in the name of the religion, you can't ignore that there is a religious element to that. i think that kind of moral clarity is what has been so desperately needed. he was doing that in the speech today. it's going to do that throughout this entire trip. >> in jerusalem and curious how things are reverberating mayor. on her show earlier this morning, it is interesting the way the president chose saudi arabia first, to go there first before jerusalem. how is that playing out in the
4:08 am
region? >> i think a lot of people in israel are entitled to the u.s. president to ever go to the western wall to make a personal visit. he's going to make a speech at the israeli missing and feared to meet with the president and the prime minister. it would be a very significant they say. it doesn't matter which order comes whether it's your first, re-out first. that's irrelevant, especially to people here. they are delighted to see the president time. they are also straining to hear, will he move the embassy? will he try to influence israel to use out tilting neighborhoods into dead ends to marriott. if you make that message, which i don't think he will, but if he were to do a comic not just an impact in israel. that message would have very make a different percussions for the president with the evangelicals in america who are largely responsible for him being the president today. >> remind me how important each
4:09 am
word is that can be in the speech especially on foreign soil. what you say, why you say it sends signals. for eight years the mainstream media didn't care if barack obama used the word radical islamic terrorism. president trump said. but he said, but he's not sitting in front of the audience? how important is it that he used that phrase or not use that phrase? >> i don't know that if all that important incorporates it in this beach. as long as he doesn't apologize for it and as long as he doesn't apologize for america's moral clarity in this type of barbaric behavior. this is a president so far, not just in the strip, but his first 100 plus days as president is not issued apologies for who america is, what we stand for and i think that's been a clear signal to all these world leaders. not just the ones he's meeting with, but across the globe. this is a different president than we've seen.
4:10 am
he think that. you watch the warm welcome was up there yesterday when president trump arrived yesterday when king solomon met him at the tarmac, shook his hand. what is the mood there compared to an former president obama was there. is there a different sentiment now? >> very much so in anticipation. they believe donald trump is their friend and he doesn't have some grudge against israel. i think that is making for great excitement here. i'm going to be very clear that some people criticize saudi arabia and don't give human rights the level it should. we all get that. here is something barack obama did do. he brought the saudis and the israelis quite close together. i know that may sound strange to some people, but they all recognize, for example, they know israel is not going to invade them. they offer no threat, but they
4:11 am
have the common enemy of iran. they know that it is the iranian government that is that they will wipe israel off the face of the map to destroy the united states in the above to go after the saudi's in every sunni nation. frankly, the common enemy is not israel. the common enemy and maybe target is the iranians especially should they god forbid it nuclear weaponry. >> that is why it rocks south korea can the secretary of state said yesterday. >> both parties understand the existential nature of an iranian dog. >> great to hear you. eggs are giving us your sense of that trip just a short time from now. thanks so much, governor. abby: great to have you. now i had mine starting with a fox news alert and north korea test launch another midrange missile overnight. u.s. military officials say that traveled more than 300 miles of
4:12 am
forest land in the sea of japan. the white house responding thing we are aware this system last tested in february as a shorter range than the missiles launched in north korea's three most recent test. recent test script from u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor john bolton joined us earlier on the show. here's what he said. >> even though this one was apparently medium-range come you are not always testing for distance. you can be testing for guidance. you can be tested in the case of north korea for reentry capabilities of your warheads and ballistic missiles. abby: this is the attempt on the sold on the sold this year alone by north korea. china crippling u.s. spy operations by killing cia agents according to a chilling new york times article. the report claims between 2010 and 2012 the chinese government killed or jailed up to 20 garments drying up u.s. intel for years. it's unclear if the agents were
4:13 am
exposed by hackers or thimble hall china identify agents. the cia has not commented on the report. an icon of american culture for nearly 150 years will take its final bout today. the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus given its final performance online island, new york two sold-out crowd. due to declining ticket sales and animal rights groups. that's the end of an era. >> we want to take you back to a fox news alert. blue world leaders arriving for the reception of president trump. taking a look life right now. >> live pictures of the king of saudi arabia receiving negotiable states and other muslim countries as they prepare for lunch in a speech for president trump.
4:14 am
>> what is the founder of twitter think of all of this? >> victory cemented with the president. >> that could be very interesting today. >> doing a twitter panel. >> and then the speech covered right here on "fox and friends." stick around. abby: we will be right back. huh, crisis averted.
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
pete: forget collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. what about the clintons and department of justice? congressman trey gowdy raising the alarm this week on fox. >> do comey had access to additional information that i'm convinced left him with no other choice than to make untranslated with the choice in july.
4:18 am
information your viewers don't have and may not ever have because it's classified. trust me when i tell you this. i know it applies. history will be kinder to him than democrats were at the time. >> to comment on this another's relation to the investigation, president of judicial watch. tom from a thank you for being here. erases the media questioned if there are no director comey has, are there not the most about is that when i under the obama administration? >> that is the big question. we can even get the memos he wrote about president trump u.s. for materials u.s. for material to muslim investigation. he says trump is talking about that at that time. the fbi told us the other day we can count them because they're part of the law enforcement investigation. specifically the russian ambassador. the fbi telling us now. i don't know if they'll told the the senate the same thing. comey testified that he taught
4:19 am
about the clinton investigation back last july not only because of the tarmac meeting, the something else that went on at the justice department that he couldn't tell us about. pete: before asking us questions, bring our viewers up to date. live footage of the arrival of had stayed in saudi arabia greeting the saudi arabia and king. president trump before his speech covered here on "fox and friends." cover and live in the corner as they talk to tom. the meeting that everyone recognizes is problematic between the red alliance, what documentation could exist because of that? and if the director would have knowledge. what we learned about that if anything? >> we sue for records about that tarmac meeting. we are in court now a few weeks ago the records are the luminous. they search for the record back
4:20 am
in december and they still haven't given them to us. we should be getting mad in the next few months. in two months or so we should have records that were released to us. >> you say the luminous. a lot of records. does that mean we could be reopening the investigation. >> it's interesting to see what they turnover. voluminous records and of course you can withhold, but also turnover records as well. the timeline is ticking. they told the court they need about three months to turn the records over to us at now is about a month ago. we should be getting them any time. abby: president of judicial watch, thank you for joining us as we continue to track event in saudi arabia as well. coming up, the only female n.y.p.d. officer killed during the nine 9/11 attacks pitches up in a 2-year-old daughter. that little girl is grown up and she got back from mark -- she just got back from gitmo where she stared down one of the 9/11
4:21 am
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family was there, but i wasn't really impressed by him or the other for. they are small mad. it is frustrating to see that these are the people that caused so much death and destruction. it was a really enlightening experience for me. abby: i can only imagine. you said the classes that you couldn't communicate or say anything. if you could but would you say to him? >> i honestly don't think i would've said anything. i wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing it, knowing knowing my family or anything like that. just seeing him was enough and herein his pleading that the trial. that was enough for me.
4:26 am
abby: what would be justice for you? >> i think the five of them getting the death penalty would be enough justice for me and my family. i think continuing this trial in a speedy manner with a justice for my family. it's been 15 years and we haven't gotten anywhere yet. i think the quicker this can get done the better. abby: will keep going back to these trials are you said you would want to see if in fact they get the death penalty. where do you find the strength to be sitting in that same room, knowing what does mandate? >> my mom. my family, the prosecutors. they all do so much work and they need our support. being bear and boosting prosecutors bribe will help continue the next speedy process to get the justice my mom deserves and the rest of the deck guns deserve.
4:27 am
abby: thing to much or not, due on the n.y.p.d. to die on 9/11 and the potential hundreds of lives he saved in that moment. here's a photo right there in 9/11. goes through your mind when you think about what that day was like for her. >> i'm sure it was very chaotic, but she was so selfless. i don't think anything besides getting a purse and bring them out, get another person to bring about was going through her head. ec photo site.. she's obviously my role model and she just really inspires me. i ain't got she would want to see this go to the trial as well. abby: she would be so proud of you. your poor dad is going to have to say goodbye to you. tricia smith, really good to have you. coming up, the mainstream media to stir controversy about the president's trip by calling this about the most of them is not.
4:28 am
one reporter has a message for his colleagues. that is up next. 20,000 national guard troops deployed overseas as the biggest threat they face in the middle east, the director of the national guard us live this morning. we will talk them up next. ♪ in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay. yep. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. a lower a1c is a lot witabout choices.tes but it can be hard sometimes, 'cause different sides of you
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4:32 am
pete: welcome back. fox news alert. live in saudi arabia awaiting president trump in front of this arab heads of state as they arrive at the royal court. their outpouring and right now, shaking the kings hand and the president will be addressing them a short time later. abby: supposed to arrive at any moment. a short lunch together and we are all awaiting the president. at 9:15 a.m. will air that right here. train to the luncheon and before that big speech. we will bring it david rhody now from cbn who is buried in riyadh, covering this entire trip it worst of all, it you big take away so far in what you anticipate from the president as he speaks at the luncheon. >> well, the breaking news here is that it doesn't look like he's going to say the words radical islamic terrorism in this big speech on islam coming in just the next few hours. of course, he's been on the campaign trail many times talking about those exact words
4:33 am
and ridiculing president obama and others who said what when she said those words. here's his opportunity. he won't do it. why? there's a very easy reason. maybe not so easy, but when you were here in riyadh, saudi arabia and you're trying to get saudi arabia to work with you work with you, he sees everything as a deal prison. he needs to kind of tone it down a bit here. we'll see if that sticks in america. pete: we just got this in a few moments ago. excerpt from the speech he might not be saying violent islamic extremism are violent islamic terrorism, but he is seen as, which may be even has more teeth than not race. he said honestly confronting the crisis of islamist extremism and islamist terror groups it inspires any means standing together against the murder of innocent muslims, the oppression of women, persecution and
4:34 am
slaughter of christians. sounds like it has a lot of teeth. >> well, absolutely in the sense there is a lot of garbage in there that will be strong and bold like donald trump lake said. stay away from the vitriolic expression radical as on the terrorists and if there is quite a bit in the speech and we will see how these are just excerpts. we will see how he delivers that if he doesn't ought to observe. probably a bad move for the president. the book, overall, what we are seeing from the president is strength over here for sure and they love him. he's like a rock star here. if he wanted to escape the heat, why did he pick riyadh? you think would undertake 10 degrees and not finish it. abby: here's another expert calling on the religious leaders to stand out. religious leaders met to make this absolutely clear. barbera some will deliver you know clarity.
4:35 am
if you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty. your life will be brief and your soul be condemned. those are just two of the excerpts we have. david, very strong words directed right at religious leaders. >> i can tell you i'm in the press filing center here in riyadh and they're a couple of gasps. i'm literally saying there was air coming out of many of those reporters now been a red dot about your soul will be condemned. there is no doubt it's not fighting words, those are provocative words to say. if you get the mainstream media's attention with those words, you're probably doing a good thing is my sense. >> you're just adding more anticipation for the speech later in the show. all eyes will be there to see what the new president says in the arab world.
4:36 am
thanks for providing color for us this morning. abby: thank you, david. such an interesting speech. i want to bring some other headlines this morning's target with students planning a walkout at notre dame to protest vice president mike pence. the activist fire posted about it is to turn their backs and walkout during his speech. earlier, a fellow at the national review speaking about how intolerant the left is being. >> they are trying to make a statement about how much they care about progressive values and bring the issue into the spotlight about politics rather than people graduating. >> the former governor will be awarded an honorary degree. by this morning at 10:30 a.m. eastern. twitter cofounder apologizing for helping president trump when the election. the commander-in-chief giving credit to social media platform for that wind in an interview with "the new york times." if that is true, then he's sorry. the fortified with media mogul
4:37 am
claiming the internet is broken because it rewards extremes. sadness pretty final farewell to the founder of fox news, roger ailes. his casket draped in the american flag. a severe fall earlier this week. he launched fox news channel document in 96. ailes resigned amid accusations. remember him for his talent, leadership and guidance. he was 77 years old. pete: let's get outside right now. standing by with just a salute to his memorial day. good morning, kate. >> standing by with my kind of people. the national guard right here in the plaza. joining us is the director of the national guard, lieutenant general timothy dave and command sergeant major christopher carpenter. thank you for being here to this great crew.
4:38 am
you are the director. he won the national guard. so much going on. i was a member of the national guard before. it was near and dear to my heart. with your vision the organization? >> thanks for having us here today. we are moving on is a transfer from the strategic reserve from september 11, 2001 to being part of the operational force of the army. we will train harder, train more so they can be read a faster and quicker and we are going to focus on me any soldiers ready to win in five. pete: when i mobilize, there were three, four, five, six train at spirit are hoping to reduce fats to the national guard the national guard to get out quicker. >> when you think about indices come you never know when those for kickoff. we don't have six-month time. if you are talking about. so we are sending units to the national training center. your farmer unit the first of the 44th air tremendous job out there last year.
4:39 am
we are going to continue to do that. we're investing in those things that make our soldiers better and more ready for the nation both abroad and here. we are the army national guard. pete: sergeant major, you are recently overseas. omission of latin american probably aren't aware of. what is the national guard during the middle east? >> we are partnering with other nations. our massachusetts national guardsmen were there ready to take over the nation. our minnesota national guardsmen looking forward to getting home and reintegrating, they certainly understand the challenges of balancing the need for their employers, families and service as well. they will be training for the next mission. trade to absolutely. for being here. of these fantastic troops. a humvee. think i'll take a ride that iran. >> these are new york's s. new york army national guard. traitorous part of the site in the 69th as well.
4:40 am
guys, with the best out here. i may not come back inside. abby: pete, thanks a lot for their service. transfer president trantor riot at a reception any moment. how will his first foreign trip be different from president obama? abby: dennis kucinich here to weigh in on that next. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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and visit to learn more. hey richard, check out this fresh roasted flavor. looks delicious, huh? -yeah. -and how about that aroma? -love that aroma! umph! -craveability, approved! irresistibly planters. pete: welcome back. sox in his lair. the president participates with ahead to stay. big speech. all eyes on the speech as the president has of course you've gotten excerpts from the speech ahead of it from the white house. abby: hard-hitting speech from what we've read so far, asking religious leaders to step up and the way forward with dealing with terrorism. pete: you see that word. islamic extremism. the words in there. he's going straight to it. clayton: howl at the first visit
4:44 am
differ from president obama. congressman of fox news contributor dennis gets a match. nice to see you this morning. much has been made from the moment said the airplane landing at the tarmac with the king coming out of the red carpet. stark contrast to a president obama was received and basically no one showed up on the tarmac. it would seem largely here as a snub. how did you see it, congressman? >> well, aside from the optics, we have to be concerned that america does take in a direction of foreign policy because that's a president trump processed with respect to saudi arabia as we all know has been the cradle of radical islamic terrorism. i don't know why the trump administration is going to go. the $460 billion arms deal to a country helping to fund al qaeda
4:45 am
and isis. those are things i hope the president addresses in his remarks. abby: there's a difference between the government of saudi arabia. there is no doubt it has emanated from saudi arabia in different ways. is it not a good day at the leadership of the country wants to partner with us to fight extremism to include other elements around the globe? certainly a bulwark or check in the card. can you see the geopolitical play the trump administration is making? >> i understand it. the president is going to be clear with respect to the actual policies. you are right. certain wealthy individuals within saudi arabia propagating the wahhabi selloff this point of view. we have to keep in mind that the united states has to set the rules. if we find government that is
4:46 am
involved in me and then in syria promoting this ideology, it is late at flashing yellow light going on. i'm glad the president is reaching out. when it are president to connect to the world. saudi arabia is a good time for president trump to lay down the law as far as we were not going to go as long with funding crisis or al qaeda. we need saudis to cooperate to flood this radical islamic ideology, which is fomenting war around the world. >> part of that, congressman's after his speech, sitting down with leaders in the country. therefore named counter extremism. but it's part of the coalition to defeat isis here they are bombing the second most active bombing element of the campaign. they cannot differentiation will
4:47 am
be key and if they are willing to go after the financiers and their country, we would all see that in america's interests. >> we have to cut off, stop funding terrorists and a good place to start the operational policy in saudi arabia. pete: what he won here for the president. we talked about this that just his mere presence there is renamed renewed energy to this relationship, renewed show a strength out of the united states by the president going where we may have been diminished the last eight years of president obama strategy. how do you see it? >> you know, the president promised during the campaign was a new approach. president obama kept deaths in wars in the region.
4:48 am
president trump said he is going to concentrate and america first. now we need to see the policies set down. we are going to come home and take care of our problems here instead of getting entangled all over the world. president trump in a leadership position to do something about that and following through on all of us want to see him do well as he travels abroad. >> we were here for the president himself in a short time here and "fox and friends." good to have you. appreciate that. >> as we do these interviews on the screen, we continue to show live shots in saudi arabia foreign leaders arriving at the palace to greet the team. president trump amongst that group and is the congressman referred to some of the excerpts we've been seeing this morning pointing out an adoption about the trump administration is called principled realism what they want to focus on shared interests over the long term over the long-term as opposed to
4:49 am
overturning the applecart like the arab spring and a barack obama. we'll follow this closely. >> veteran to come on this busy sending using this as the president prepares to give a big speech in saudi arabia. analysis from jacking on the screen. chris wallace, at henry on the next hour. >> past presidents have given speeches to the muslim world. some of those historic moments next. >> he rejected the dark forces >> he rejected the dark forces of terror and the broad tolerance and moderation. >> except i take easier trailst and i used to. i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
4:50 am
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4:52 am
>> at a live look at saudi arabia where the president decided to the president is set to arrive the president decided to read it in a moment for reception at the heads of state. pete: in a few hours the president will deliver speeches
4:53 am
in effort to confront radical ideology. not the first u.s. president to head to the middle east with a message of peace. >> joining us to break down previous speeches as historian doug wead. >> good to see you. abby, p., clayton. >> i like what you say in your notes. you say it has been a graveyard for the middle east has been a graveyard for american statesman who's gone there trying to think they can solve the worlds problems. explain that before before we get into sound bites in history. >> yeah, it's been disastrous. the iraq war has bad disasters. so much hope in his language really resonated in new york city. it didn't work in the middle east. the last egypt will choice at the cornerstone of peace. all of north africa and now it's just totally and anarchy. they were breeding grounds for terrorism. we've seen genocide of christianity, women subject to. things only go from bad to worse
4:54 am
in the middle east. >> one of things you mention referred to there is middle east peace middle east peace. jimmy carter is in jerusalem in 1979 giving a speech about that. we will take a listen. >> he is not yet fully that our challenge. despite our unflagging determination. despite the extraordinary progress of the past six months, we still fall short. the people of the two nations are ready now for peace. >> there was some level of progress at egypt. >> it's very controversial with the statements made by jimmy carter. but it did give us peace with egypt and that was the cornerstone at least israel in egypt had that piece for a long
4:55 am
time until it all blew up in smoke recently under obama. you've got to give carter credit for that. abby: bill clinton gave a speech back in 1994. take a listen. >> he made a bold choice. you reject the dark forces of terror and extremism. you embrace the tolerance and moderation. easter and those who would drag you back into the hostel passed. you chosen that a future of opportunity and tranquility for your children. abby: that success was brief. >> it was brief and all through the clinton controversies, people said his first the life doesn't affect his presidency. it did in the middle east because of the lurid headline showed in the middle east, america was the great. embarrassingly, is one of america's greatest experts in the world. when you have these events occurring on the front pages, it was tough.
4:56 am
clinton went into the middle east through jordan and that is the key. this is the magic kingdom. not r. landau, not anaheim. jordan and king of the load. clayton: barack obama cairo university in 2009. let's listen to this and wrap this up. >> i've come here to cairo to see a new beginning between the united states and around the world. one based on mutual interest and mutual respect. and one based upon the truth in america and islam are not exclusive and need not even competition. pete. doug >> disasters. >> search by part of the apology tour. thank you for taking us in your time machine as we look forward to the speech from president trump. abby: so interesting. the president gearing up for a
4:57 am
big speech this morning. we are covering it all. we will be back after this. then these are your vans. vans for professionals. strictly professionals. best commercial van residual value according to alg and starting at just $25,995. mercedes-benz. vans. born to run. a cockroach can survive submergede guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow.
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5:00 am
first orders of business signing 110 billion-dollar weapon's deal. >> it's not symbolic, substantive. these are investments in american jobs and infrastructure. >> major speech on terrorism and islamism. >> he will really call to action everyone to defeat terrorism and extremism. >> this president understands there's a place for diplomacy. he also recognizes there's a bigger place for candor and clarity and bringing that in his message today. >> reception that the president has gotten in saudi arabia, i think, gives a lie to the notion
5:01 am
that the islamic world is a call that he talks about radical islamic terrorism and war on terrorism. >> president trump dancing the arta, a traditional war dance and only used for celebration. a tremendous they. abby: happy sunday morning to you, we are waiting president trump arriving in saudi arabia where he's going participate in a reception and then have lunch and the big speech that we are all awaiting in the next hour or two. we will bring that to you. peter peter peter: the president dancing with a sword. excerpts what we believe are being told the president is going say next hour. we will be breaking all of that now and looking for keywords and phrases what this relationship
5:02 am
is going to look like under a trump administration. clayton: talk about islamism and extremism. excerpt that is we have seen inside of this and we got a fox news alert because in an hour from now president trump to give the speech to the muslim world. pete: fanfare and weapon's deal. abby: latest this morning, well, i guess it's afternoon to you, benjamin. >> it is, that's right. but i mean, it's been such a busy few days you lose track over here. i can tell you what we see at the moment, world leaders of muslim countries arriving and advance the u.s.-muslim summit and president trump will be the last person to arrive and dinner after that. king salman met him in the bottom of the stairs.
5:03 am
very important business deals that we are talking about, 110 billion-dollar arms deal. real focus on u.s. jobs creation. general electric with creation of power plants here and very much, work, work, jobs, jobs, but also sometimes relaxed as you said, secretary tillerson, secretary ross getting involved and president himself who had a jig at the time. today he's been very involved in the bilateral meetings, he's been speaking of the leaders of kuwait, qatar, more deals signed, more military deals signed focused on job creation and also reset between the u.s. and the arab world. have a listen. >> countries have a wonderful
5:04 am
relationship together that has been a little strain but there won't be strain with this administration. >> so we are expecting to say in the speech a lot of things, i think we only have one hour to wait till president trump addresses the people. abby: live for us in riyadh. clayton: we haven't heard much from president trump, but we did here when he was meeting in kuwait and there's a huge arms deal with kuwait. abby: 110 billion-dollar deal that. was historic. pete: 350 billion over ten years. largest arms deal, i believe, in u.s. history. clayton: the president off camera was asked about it and talked about jobs back home in the united states.
5:05 am
take a listen. >> that was a tremendous day, i want to thank everybody, but tremendous investments in the united states and military community is very happy and we want to thank you and saudi arabia, but hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states and jobs, jobs. abby: amazing you go all the way to saudi arabia and we hear the same rhetoric we heard about i'm running for president to bring jobs back to the country. here he is in saudi arabia with officials there still making that promise. pete: number one is i want jobs in the country which is something i ran on but also i don't want america intervening all around the world so we are going to fund allies to take the fight to radical islam for us or on behalf of us, pretty interesting approach that's very telling. clay clea we want to bring general jack keane to analyze this for us. >> good morning, good to see
5:06 am
you. clayton: we are getting excerpts on the white house on what's in the speech and we want to read some of it to you and get your reaction. let's read this first, talking about confronting extremism, that means honestly confronting the crisis of islamist extremism and standing together against the murder of innocent muslim, the oppression of women, persecution of jews and slaughter of christians. that phrase, we don't know the broader context has a lot of teeth, general. jack: absolutely. quite a seminole event. we have been talking about it for years. here is our president revitalizing this relationship and that's why he's being so warmly received. they've been burdened by radical islam, burdened by the oppression of the iranians and
5:07 am
they need u.s. leadership. they actually begged for it. we are a unifying effort here and we are going to help them stand up against radical islam and let's face it and be honest, the middle east is largely the breeding grounded for radical islamist. why is that? because of lack of political and social justice and economic opportunity and some of the kids just absolutely get lost because of a lack of purpose in their lives so here is american leader standing up in front of them and telling them let's get together and work against this thing and they need to do the same thing because this confrontation of radical islam is going on inside islam. it is an ideology. they have to push against it. national leaders, they have to give youngsters an alternative because they are lost and they have a purpose in their lives. pete: i want to get a clarification. it looks like in this excerpt
5:08 am
he's using the phrase islamist, will you explain because there's some contention online, what does that really mean? jack: well, he's using in reference to terrorism and it's a fact that you cannot separate radical islamic terrorism from the religion because it is their belief system. they're the ones who are bracing the religion so we should recognize it as such and actually these leaders must come to grips with that and they know that. but what we are able to do here, i think, they need a little bit of political will and i believe the president is here to help do that for them and to strengthen their spine to be quite frank about it. abby: it does seem part of the theme is to show people that we are in a different time, that you compared to the past eight years, he's going to be a different leader and view it is relationship differently. our friends will never question our support, our enemies will
5:09 am
never doubt our determining, our partnerships will advance security through stability not through radical disruption. we will make decisions based on real-world outcomes not in flexible ideology. we would be guided by lessons of experienced and not in the confines of rigid thinking and wherever possible we will see gradual reforms and not sudden intervention. your thoughts on that, sir? >> yeah, he's coming to grips with the issues that are there. we can't just shoot our way out of this problem, radical islamist. go to those places and destroy them, but it really is -- it's the ideology that is truly the issue and that is what american leadership can to, stand up and recognize as such, ban together, let's work together in something
5:10 am
like a framework of an arab nato and also be willing to counter the iranians because they fully intent to try to dominate the middle east. clayton: you're not going to be able to shoot your way out of this but you're building this framework and rex tillerson called president trump's top concern yesterday when this whole deal was unfolding. iran maybe the center piece, lynchpin of this entire problem. how important is it to have saudi arabia support in the fight against iran? >> well, iran is clearly the strategic threat in the middle east. most serious threat than radical islam itself. they intend to dominate the middle east, they've been at it for 36 years. every single year they state their major objective is to control the middle east and to spread the islamic revolution and to accomplish that they have to drive the united states out.
5:11 am
that's why they have been killing us for 36 years, they blow up embassies and they took hostages, american hostages and others from europe as well, they are clearly on the path to that kind of control and domination. that's why they want a nuclear weapon and didn't we go ahead and make a deal so they could get one. that's tragic. now we have a president with the sunni arabs, with saudi arabia which is iran's strategic opponent in the middle east and we are going to stand up against them. this president is already sanctioning iran and calling out their aggressive and assertive behavior. it's their use of proxy and terrorism that desire to dominate that's really critical issue. even more so than a nuclear weapon. that is is the issue and that was taken off the table before negotiations began by the obama administration which was horrific strategic mistake. this president has it on the table. pete: the president will go next
5:12 am
to israel. israel see something advantageous to their security? jack: revitalizing this relationship with the sunni arabs is crucial and the president has already done it. revitalizing the relationship with israel. isn't it incredible that the president walked away from all the sunni arabs, the previous president and relationship with israel and put that at risk to accommodate the iranians who is our strategic enemy. this president will be in jerusalem and he will make a statement that will be unequivocal that the united states truly has the israeli's back, they will believe it. they will not believe it when president trump made those statements. abby: if there's one thing you want to hear from the speech, you will hear from president trump in about an hour, what do you want to hear? >> you've already said it and i have already said it. this is abamerican leadership returning to the middle east and making certain that they know we
5:13 am
have their back. that's why the arms deal is being signed, more importantly it's the president political and moral will that's being demonstrated to them and that is the most important thing. pete: general jack keane, well said, thank you very much for joining us this morning. abby: thanks, general. pete: will the president speech be a turning point in fight of islamic terrorism and in his presidency? we will ask the host of fox news sunday chris wallace next, stick around
5:14 am
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5:17 am
you'll be speaking with rex tillerson, if i'm not mistaken, right, chris? chris: yeah, big show at the top of the hour, we will have exclusive interview with the secretary of state rex tillerson who is breaking away from the events to talk just exclusively with us about the president's trip, what he's done so far, and the rest of the trip, and we will ask him about the north korea missile test and we will also ask him about the explosive exchange that the president apparently had with russian foreign minister lavrov. abby: the reception that president trump got when he arrived in saudi arabia, you remember the trip with former president trump barack obama, really a difference as the king came to the tarmac, shaking all the family members' hands.
5:18 am
what do you make of the difference? chris: i think there's a feeling that they did not have close relationships with barack obama, they were very upset that they felt that president obama was reaching out to the -- to iran and trying to get that nuclear deal at the expense of saudi arabia and sunni arab neighbors and they were also not particularly happy with the way president obama handled the arab spring and how quickly he helped topple in egypt, so they were not happy with that president and i think they can do business with donald trump from all indications and the big speech he will make this important that i know you guys will be carrying, he's not going to talk about radical islamic terrorism, he will talk about extremism and try to build a no coalition but they feel that this is a president that's more practical and wants to get some things done. pete: chris, you covered multiple administrations and multiple foreign trips, first of all, how do you feel like this
5:19 am
is going so far a day and a half into the foreign trip, the optics, image to the world? >> perfect. you see the president on the world stage and who was effective, who is in command, i also think, you know, forget the optics, let's talk about the substance here. this is really ambitious trip by this president and his staff, i was at a briefing at the white house this week where they kept talking about it as historic, obviously to some degree that's been but i think it actually is pretty historic, particularly this first weekend to go to the birthplaces, if you will, of the three of the great religions, islam, judaism and christianity. it's really quite extraordinary and his effort to try to build this world coalition against extremism, it's really quite striking and i think this speech
5:20 am
today is a real substance meeting with 54 muslim leaders and so striking we can't help but note all of the things that president trump said, one of the things i'm going to bring up with rex tillerson, during the campaign he said islam hates us not radical islamic terrorism, islam hates us, how he's dialed that back and how he wants to be a world statesman, really quite dramatic. pete: at home he's facing controversy at home and hopefully turn the page, he'll be speaking with secretary rex tillerson. chris: we will talk with senator john mccain both about that, the foreign trip but also about the troubles here at home. they're not going to go away. abby: that's going to be a great show, chris. chris: thanks, guys. clayton: ed henry and newt
5:21 am
gringrich all here life. pete: plus big moment for protecting the president, dan who led trips like this before, will be life next. clayton: a take on his sword dance. [laughter] that keep you warm inside. marie callender's. it's time to savor. how if guests book direct ater, and stay twice they'll get a $50 gift card?
5:22 am
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change your wifi password to something you can actually remember, instantly. add that premium channel, and watch the show everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to former secretary officer. we are looking at the logistics as this is unfolding right before our eyes, talk about advance team, swords standing there, what goes into planning to make sure the president is the last one to arrive? >> three big entities, secret security advance and the white house military office, they'll coordinate with protocol and literally, they'll give you a walk-through that says the president will take, you know, this roughly this amount of steps, will shake hands. i mean, it is that detailed. they will put the footprints on the ground, tape marks, it's
5:26 am
like dance. put yourself in the minds of the saudis, this is a showcase for them to the world. i can't emphasize that these countries want to show to the world that they are an advanced economy, you can come here and this is a safe place, they -- abby: they all have to be together on this, where to go, what time to be there, how to shake the hands. >> this is always one of where
5:27 am
haidz start to butt, everybody wants to be in the shot. power in dc, i can't emphasize to people enough n. the dc bubble, there's no power in titles, there's power in proximity to the president. you want to be in the shots. this is the head-butting because the whole world is watching. clayton: we get a shot of the car where the president arrived. i don't know if it's safe to call it a car because the thing is massive. >> it's actually a truck. >> i remember sitting on the c17's with the jump seats and when you hit turbulences, your knees are bumping up against these things. it was an awful flight. it's horrible. this is not first-class seating at all, believe me.
5:28 am
abby: dan, you were probably watching the dancing with the swords. it was really a moment where i was thinking if you're a secret service agent, you might be dying in this moment, you prepare so much for these trips, you want to make sure everything goes okay, it did, light hearted moment. >> i'm sure there are always staff that happens with the staff that wants to push with the host federal government because looks and optics and behind the scenes to be candid, the secret service loses fights eight out of ten times specially with swords, if it's an insider that's going to wac him, it's probably not going to be a sword . pete: this is all in anticipation of a historic speech. we are getting excerpts of that speech and what he may say.
5:29 am
one of the excerpts that comes out is the president is anticipated to say, that means honestly confronting the crisis of islamic extremism and terror groups it inspires and standing together together against oppression of women, persecution of jews and slaughter of christians, pretty strong language there. >> rebuking the obama administration. i get tired of having say that, but liberals want to stigmatize conservatives. listen to our enemy. know the enemy. they are telling you why they are killing you. don't ignore them. you can't call them russian or mobster. you would stay away from russia neighborhoods and stay away from places where the mob was. the problem is if you continue
5:30 am
with power and also islamic groups that stopped us from investigating them. clayton: author of the book in the land of woman, much has been made about the optics of this trip so far. one thing that chris wallace mentioned ago was that islam hates us, that was back then, he has walked that back, of course, do you think -- what his words will have strong enough to make waves and change this fight in that region? >> the excerpt that you just read to us is extremely promising. this is something that i've argued for years that the last administration failed to do, saudis, egyptians, uae arabs, jihad is the enemy and this is part of islamism. it's not part of islam.
5:31 am
that will be hitting a spectacular note. by the way, incredible images are a reminder that those who don't know the value that islam places on honoring guest, incredible honor for the united states, the honor is for the muslim world, welcome to the muslim world, america, that's what we are seeing and this speech is going to bring together the fractured muslim world in the way than it ever has. president obama invited ten muslim brotherhood leaders and existing that they would be there and probed to the people that they were totalitarian. abby: the muslim community stepping up to fight and that's a point the president is going to make in a speech about now saying religious leaders must make this clear and will deliver you no glory, bring you no dignity.
5:32 am
if you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty, your life will be briefed and your soul would be condemned. what do you make of that? >> absolutely. we just saw images of president al sisi indicating stature of his president. president sisi around the massacres in paris delivered a similarly stinging rebuke to islamic scholars to appeal to them to reject these text that promote ideology and perfectly in tune and very welcome. additionally is what we ourselves as muslims feel about the ideologies, it's going to go well. i think the speech will be even more striking than the state of the union than the president delivered early on in his presidency. pete: you talked about the importance of honor and respect,
5:33 am
talk to us about the reception that president trump received on the plane than obama a year ago? >> great question, peter, robust with health challenges, uses cane, i know the heat, i've lived in saudi arabia for two years. that's something our own president does not do to foreign dig that tears. it's -- dignataries. whatever ones politics, this president, i didn't vote for him and i didn't vote for the other candidate either, but i support this president and it's a reminder and important perspective for americans how we should be valuing our own presidency, flaws and all. clayton: dan, sitting with us on the couch, the idea of getting
5:34 am
wealthy elites who have been funding radical islamism, do you think that gives strength to make significant moves to try to stop that? >> i hope so. that's where the crack has to happen. they have the capabilities to shut this down if they needed to but there's always been resistance because they are afraid of internal backlash and that's the natural consequence of frankly being involved in monarchy and it's not a constitution republic like us and balancing the delicate. pete: that's secretary of state presumably with saudi monarchy as well. we saw the president talking to the king. to that point, what more can the
5:35 am
house, the ruling class of saudi arabia to clamp town on the ideology that others are funding and it's really the mosques around the globe that are poisoning the minds of young muslims. >> already approximately in 14-year effort doing that and we will never forget 9/11 in this city and nor would the world. riyadh got hit by al-qaeda, many physician colleagues at the hospital took care of the victims, one of them was the son of king salman, he was then governor of riyadh so they have musselled the religious police and they have created a robust antijihadist program and they are a collaborating in intelligence as we learned earlier on with israel and they are not alone. saudi arabia, egypt and united
5:36 am
emirates have outlawed the muslim brotherhood, which is the ship of terrorism. if you want to look at the root cause, please look at that, the muslim brotherhood. so one of the things i'm concerned about is how qatar is feeling through all of this. pete: just a real quick follow-up, it may seem fall but an important distinction, how much is to preserve own regime and how much is true recognition that radical islam and ideology is a problem. >> great question. more profound than monarchy. not only saudi arabia but leaders around the world recognize that it is islam that's at stake, nobody has more to lose than muslims who follow islam and if we do not eventually get this right, our religion is going to be
5:37 am
desecrated beyond the levels in which it is now. president sisi appealed, islam's name has been muddled by the radical ideology. we have to e -- eliminate it. abby: we want to bring in. standby, everybody. bring in david, former deputy campaign manager for donald trump, david, good to see you this morning. >> good. thanks for having me this morning. abby: we are watching live footage meeting with king salman, about to hear big speech and thoughts about how the trip is going so far and what you think about the excerpts we have been reading and the message we expect to hear shortly? >> i can't speak highly enough of this president on this trip so far it's an amazing thing to watch. the circumstance of what this kingdom and the king of saudi arabia has done in rolling out literally the red carpet for donald trump and showing the
5:38 am
respect to the rest of the world that they have for the unites and this president unlike what they had for our current -- our past holder of the white house. this is a difference-maker. this is a change in their policy and their demeanor with the united states and with the world as it relates to our relationship and i'm excited about it. clayton: david, here is an excerpt, this is what president trump is expected to say, we are not here to lecture, we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be or how to worship, how important is that phrase? >> it's an amazing thing when you live through the campaign and you watched what he said, he said those types of words during the campaign but now as president of the united states
5:39 am
delivering that message in riyadh saudi arabia as the leader of the free world, telling everyone across the world be who you are but allow others to be who they are as well also. it's so important for the president and i'm so proud that he is taking a very strong message to the world through his trip not only to saudi arabia but onto italy and then onto the g7 and to the nato conference as well. this is a momentous occasion and a big trip for president trump. pete: david, we need to go to first new video from just moments ago where the president trump of the united states in bilateral meeting with the president of kuwait. let's hear what he had to say. >> it's great honor to be amir
5:40 am
of kuwait. a person i got to know very well, they bought tremendous amount of military that we invest in the united states, we like to hear about jobs, jobs, jobs and they are spending a lot of money on new planes including the boeing f18. thank you very much, which i like very much also and we appreciate all of the investment that you make in the united states and all of the jobs that you create, thank you. thank you. clayton: there's the president meeting with the amir of kuwait praising the fact that they are buying a lot of f18. they invited to kuwait to stop inened no word from the white house. that was part of the big arms agreement. what do you make of it? >> i can't speak highly enough.
5:41 am
109, $110 billion, you know, which brings -- it does several things, one it brings jobs and economic investment into our country that president trump has promised the american people. this is a part of that, but also to strengthen the -- the military partnership between the united states and saudi arabia it's vitally important. look, they take the fight in the middle east to our enemies. whether it's trying to make sure that the iranian regime is kept under control or whether it is fighting al-qaeda on the front lines or -- or making sure that syria and other countries around them stay in line and to present a strong military front, not only is saudi arabia doing that on their own but in their partnership with us, telling the world that this is a new chapter
5:42 am
in world history that we are together going to be fighting these wars. it's important and i can't say -- speak highly enough for the president's courage to go to riyadh and first stop on international trip. abby: standby we want to bring in fox news national correspondent ed henry who knows all about sorts of trip, i want to start off, ed, what do you think about the turmoil and headline that is you have seen play out in the past few weeks, if there was ever a way to change the narrative it's a trip like this? >> it certainly this. i was there when president obama delivered message in cairo in 2009 and that was the beginning of obama foreign policy as the president himself and top aides would describe later as leading from behind and the president himself at a news conference years later told me that his
5:43 am
foreign policy approach, president obama said was singles and doubles and maybe once in a while you'll hit a home run. president trump has a much different approach on the world stage and you heard it from president al sisi from egypt that donald trump has a unique personality that can perhaps deliver the impossible. we saw that with the election here at home. now you have other world leaders saying, here, wait a second, maybe this unique leader can actually deliver on what he's promising in terms of stopping isis and radical islam around the world. this is a monumental task but as you heard chris wallace say, it is remarkable how president trump is trying to line up these leaders around the world to do just that and i expect we are going to see a much different speech from president trump certainly than we saw from president obama in cairo. pete: as a person that was there in 2009 from the newly minted
5:44 am
obama, apology tour, as some would say, what you're seeing in the last couple of days in the speech? >> the beginning of the obama administration, after being elected the mainstream media, there was such massive outpouring of how remarkable this was as president obama as a leader. some of that was justified as the first african american president, he made a lot of history and there were great expectations out of economic crisis that he was going to pull us out of it and on the other hand you had coverage as you suggest about president obama on the world stage. i think now you have a much different situation, you have number one a lot of people here back home want to talk about the russia, russia and president trump immediately enters the
5:45 am
world stage with that on its become, some self-inflicted wounds on his own, by the way, with what he's been doing on twitter about tapes and firing james comey, certainly mistakes have been made as well but the media has sort of made this as number one, he's trying escape all of this trouble back home and number two, there's also been the suggestion that well, he wanted to ban all muslims from coming to america and outrages charges in that he is entering in a different way compare today president -- compared to president obama. he didn't want to be away from his own bed and what we have seen in the last 24 hours is a president that's rising to the occasion. clayton: i want to get your take on what's going back home, certainly there's controversy in washington while the president is away and hearing reports, you can answer this, you know these
5:46 am
folks well and you know the inner circle well, what is the truth here, we are hearing reports that the inner circle, a lot of unrest, uneasiness, they don't know who to trust anymore, hiring lawyers, i can't trust her, i don't know if she's the one who is doing the leaks, i don't know what's happening and people are looking out for their own self-interest. seems like there's leaks inside the white house that are set out to swrurnd mine the president. what do you make of all of this. you have to separate it out and there have been leaks from career people whether fbi or other agencies, better leaking things out like this transcript a couple of days ago of what allegedly happened between the president and the top russian diplomats. this is the kind of relationship that's close hold within the government, i don't anticipate that it would have been some of the president's political advisers that will be leaking that out. these are probably career people who are leaking this out to damage the president and the presidency. make no mistake about it.
5:47 am
this is the kind of stuff that never leaked out from career people when i was covering president obama. when president obama was in the oval office with world leaders, yeah, there might be a media spray where we heard comments, second-hand accounts about it but not transcripts read to us about what was said and all kinds of business, side comments that also by the way can be taken out of context. there's that. that has been pretty radical but very quickly, in terms of the president's political advisers, i think, clayton, that there's a lot of mistrust among some of the aides, they are very worried. they don't know who is on which team and that's a problem for this president because they shouldn't be thinking that way. they should all be one step behind the president and if they are angry about something he's doing, they want to speak out and resign, i'm not saying they should be in lock step and do in everything he wants but either you're on the team or you're not
5:48 am
. there are some that are never-trumpers. abby: a huge problem for the president and the american people who can't quite figure out what is going on and it's an international crisis when you have the leakers that are sending information classified information, some of it to places like the washington post and it's being read throughout the world. >> it's detrimental to the president but detrimental to america, what these leakers are doing and they must clearly be put into the camp of those never-trumpers who want to nullify the results of the election of november. there's nothing more or less about this that needs to be said than these people are acting in an un-american manner and it must be rooted out and quite honestly, they must be convicted, charged and convicted with the crimes that they are committing.
5:49 am
it is important that this president is able to have conversations, it's bad enough that the democrats are using this ridiculous story about russia and the intrigue over the campaign, the supposed collusion which never happened to use it as political points to attack the president, but they are damaging our relationship with one of the world's super powers and for the president not to be able to pick up the phone, now not be able to talk to the em embassaries, when we have a crisis in the next week month or year, the president of the united states cannot pick up the phone and call putin for fear of what is going to be said about it, it's dangerous for us. >> we want to thank david and
5:50 am
dr. ahmed and dan and ed henry as well. thanks for joining us as well and providing your analysis. you are watching live pictures out of saudi arabia where the president is expected to speak shortly and he will address the heads of the arab state, arab leaders and we will be carrying out live for you. we will stay on this coverage. whether he take a quick break but this speech is coming closer, it's coming up next and we will be covering all angles of it. abby: you do not want to miss it.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
clayton: you're looking moments ago the president arriving in riyadh, saudi arabia, one of the last ones to arrive and let's listen as he spoke to amir of kuwait about the big deal and the fight against isis, take a listen.
5:54 am
>> we are doing very well in the fight against isis as general mattis just explained and we will be having news conference in about two weeks to let everybody know how well we are doing, tremendous progress has been made and will continue to be made and i just want to thank amir and his representatives to be here, thank you all very much and, again, a lot of investment is being made by kuwait, a very wealthy nation and of great people but a tremendous investment is being made by kuwait into the united states and the people of the united states appreciate that. thank you. pete: new meetings of bilateral meetings happening in saudi arabia. james, this is diplomacy, meetings all day so far with qatar, egypt, we just heard from kuwait. how important is the personal aspect of these meetings? >> well, i spent a fair amount of time in the middle east and my experience that personal relationships matter a great
5:55 am
deal. one of the things that we have to keep in mind is that in order for them to believe that we really have the national interest and the national agenda that we have, it helps to have them here from our most senior person and his relationship with the leaders of those countries are going to be key moving forward particularly in the middle east. abby: you heard him there in the meeting with amir of kuwait, we are making progress here when it comes to defeating isis, where are we? >> we probably are militariliment one of the -- towards fighting what they saúl extremist ideology but i would call islamic terrorism because, you know, they are talking about setting up the sort of counterideaology, forces that
5:56 am
are going to fight on twitter and social media stuff. they're also talking about cracking down on the financial part of this thing. those terror organizations require millions and millions of dollars a year to run but if you can get a handle on that and the saudis and the other leaders of the middle east have the capability to sort out who those people that are paying for this and to stop it and i think that's good. >> has the saudi government, has assad done enough to stop wealthy elite that is have been funding extremism? >> not so far. i'm guardedly optimistic about that. one of the things -- i heard one of your earlier guests that it went beyond just saudi kingdom. well, that's true. but the way that you get an organization like that is to share a -- share an enemy and among isis and al-qaeda, the saudi government is seen as
5:57 am
fear, they actually hate them more than they hate us so they share an interest with us in preventing these folks from taking over the religion. pete: you've been a part of interrogating some of the worst of the worst in radical islamic, we have an excerpt of what the president will like i will say and one of the quotes is confronting islamic extremism and the hard core jihadist, how central are ideology that motivates them and how important it is to get arms around in confronting the ideology, calling it what it is? >> it is exactly the problem. it is precisely the problem. in fact, the core problem. we are not going to be able to blow these people out of existence unless we are just willing to carry entire generations of young men and we are not willing to do that. what we have to do is try to control our wipe-out, this
5:58 am
ideology which is springing up really up in part because of these mosques and other mosque that is are around. i know that's an unpopular thing to say at this particular time with the president over in saudi arabia, but there's a very thin line and a lot of the radicalization takes place in those mosques and so the saudis themselves and the other middle eastern leaders need to -- need to move forward and do some sort from being hijacked and dominate bid people who would impose these kinds of darconian rules. abby: we will keep everyone posted and bring the story to you. the world been watching the speech. the united states will be watching closely. as you know the mind set better than anyone. the terrorists listening in on how president trump, how his
5:59 am
methods would be different and how he's thinking differently than maybe former president obama did. how are they going to internalize in this language that we are hearing? >> one thing from having spent so much time with the terrorists, they didn't believe that america had the will to resolve what needs to be done. the terrorist only works if both of your allies enemies, the bad actors believe that you will follow through on both promises and threats and one of the things that i hope that they take away from this speech that president trump is going to make is that he has a lot of resolve, that he has the will, that he has the backbone to keep our promises to our allies and to punish those people who would try to destroy us. i don't think that message was conveyed in the last eight years under president obama. pete: because strength is what's respected in that region, as you know, for sure. >> exactly. what he has to do and i hate
6:00 am
this word, reset, but he has to reset the notion of deterrence for what it actually is. abby: that's what he hopes to do today. clayton: thank you so much and we appreciate you joining thus morning. we are going to reset because we are following the president's speech here live in a mere moment. and fox news alert, this is the president arriving moments ago in riyadh, saudi arabia to speak in front of those arab heads of state where he will deliver an address on fighting radical extremism in that part of the world, cooperation with the or and world to fight radical islam and it's going to be a big historic speech in mere moments. pete: and we will be playing it live shortly. he's the last person to arrive. here you see greeting the king of saudi arabia as he has so many other times and quickly thereafter taking the seat as the guest of honor and he will be the keynote speaker
6:01 am
addressing the entire world. abby: we want to bring in former speaker of the house newt gringrich. what do you think of the trip so far and what do you hope to hear in just a few moments? >> first of all, the first important single team was president sisi said that donald trump was a unique man and achieves the impossible and that's a remarkable comment that i hope the news media will think long hard enough about. virtually every leader in the arab world, i've seen parts of it, it is historic and remarkable and i think that it sets the stage for us to decisively defeat radical islam and do so in alliance with the moderate islamists what are going to be gathered at this particular event. finally, of course, if you're the president and you're worried
6:02 am
about jobs, jobs, the various contracts they're assigning are extraordinary steps towards helping the american economy keep growing. clayton: that underlines the entire trip, the business of this trip. here confronting radical islam is one of the excerpts from that speech that mr. trump is going to present in just a few minutes and it reads this way. that means honestly confronting the crisis of islamist extremism and the islamist terror groups it inspires and it means standing together against the murder of innocent muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of juice and the slaughter of christians. how will that be received, mr. speaker? >> well, i think it's going to be received pretty well because finally after years of talking with them, the major leaders in the region understand that these radicals were a direct threat to them. the saudis aren't just acting from the good of their heart,
6:03 am
they act to go survive because they have a two-front war. and so they have been forced by reality into becoming our allies, let me note, by the way because i know one of the networks draw a gap what trump said as a candidate and what trump is saying here, this is a big strong, very direct speech given in the face of all the major leaders, he pulls no punches and he talks about women's rights and he uses the word islamist which is technically the right word because it refers to the political movement and not the religion. you compare the speech to obama in cairo you will see the difference between appeasement and cowardness on the one hand with obama and on the side of the president.
6:04 am
pete: another portion of the peach is the president is expected to say this that this is not a battle of different faiths, different civilizationings, barbaric criminals and this is a battle between good and evil. very stark moral terms there and blunt talk. >> look, it also tells you something about the scale of president trump's ambitions, there's a man who is on first overseas trip. doesn't go to canada or méxico. what is he trying to do? can i help bring together the great three religions. this is a very ambitious and bold steps and some signs it's begin to go pay off, the biggest practical thing today the establishment of the
6:05 am
counterterrorism center at riyadh which in 1990 would have been unthinkable or impossible. abby: he's going to saudi arabia and then jerusalem, you think about the one place that's most concerning as secretary of state rex tillerson said is iran and maybe that's part of the warm welcome we have seen with president trump here. i'm not in favor of this iran deal, i want to come harder on them. he takes them very seriously. >> i watched secretary tillerson's press conference with the israeli, with the saudi foreign minister and it was interesting that at the beginning of the conference the two have talked about the fact that they have known each other for years because the largest foreign investor of saudi arabia is exxon mobile. this is a trip made possible by an extraordinary national security team including general mcmaster and general mattis and rex tillerson and it's that team which is set up, i think, maybe
6:06 am
the most remarkable trip by an american president to the middle east. clayton: we are awaiting the president's remarks, it's going to be historic speech and we will carry it live for you, we are joined by the former speaker of the house newt gringrich. we know that the former head of the fbi james comey will testify now in front of the senate to speak for the first time and we have the special counsel now unfolding in robert mueller, what do you make of james comey testifying before the senate, what do you expect to hear? >> let me start and say, 90% of everything that you're describing is garbage. [laughter] >> it will not be remembered in history. it's garbage. there's a study out from harvard yesterday and the day before, one network was 93% negative about the president of the united states in the first four months. 93%. pete: cbs, cnn, fox news channel
6:07 am
right down the middle at 50/50. >> the impact of cnn in particular in communicating a negative view of america is unimaginable there, they're worst than al jazeera and 93 and 87, they are doing enormous damage around the world. but here is reality, the world is now watching this guy that they've heard all the negative about, he looks like a president, he acts like a president, all of the arab leaders are treating him like he's the president, he's cutting huge deals and creating american jobs and he's about to give a historic speech that i believe will resinate all across the world. clayton: nevertheless he's still facing stuff back home, we have heard leaks, karl rove saying in the show, it's coming right from his staff. something has to change in there. >> that's right. he has to think about the extraordinary nature of this foreign trip. , the team that put it together
6:08 am
and how do i get the same consistency and rhythm at home. reagan did it by being discipline. let's be clear a good part is he gets up and clear. notice how careful he's being overseas. when trump is careful and when trump is big, he's an enormous historic figure who will change history. abby: don't even bring up this russian investigation, right, speaker when you come home, keep the narrative on the trip and what the american people care about. >> you see the one question, they are finishing audiotape the tillerson speech, one american reporter couldn't help herself and tried to ask tillerson about the russian stuff, this is so pathetic and so lacking in any sense of seriousness and i think trump wanted a calm way and say, look, i'm a real president, you are fake reporters, let's have the right relationship between a real president and fake
6:09 am
reporters and i have said publicly, i will cancel daily briefings, they do them no good. it makes the reporters look like they are normal which they're not. almost all of them are opponents of trump. pete: when you say democrats and media, you're almost repeating yourself. you talk about the garbage, you had a great op-ed speaking to trump supporters, you elected this guy for a reason, now the time to stand with him. i was at a dinner in michigan talking to trump supporters, president trump, we are with you, we support you regardless of what the fake news media says, what is your message to conservatives, republicans, trump democrats who crossed the line, what's the message to them? >> look at the real history you're watching today, look at the real achievements you're watching today, look at the jobs the president is creating, look at what he's doing the unify the is can be
6:10 am
trump is going to be a very historic figure. ic that he will win reelection and in the process he would have helped change america but by drawing the contrast. remember, all the people oppose today republican health care reform gave us obamacare which is collapsing. all of the people oppose today education reform gave us the unionized schools that don't teach anything and trap the poor and ignore reins, failing to protect america and it's important to look at the contrast, it's not trump versus perfection, it's trump versus the left-wing system that was failing america. abby: first here in saudi arabia, then jerusalem and then going to the vatican. what do you make of the significance of the very first place he visits internationally being saudi arabia. that's a pretty big statement, a pretty big move.
6:11 am
>> he's always prepared to go straight for it. he knew this would throw the saudis. watching last night wilbur ross do the sword dance was a little bit -- [laughter] >> i had to text him and he texted me back, watch a little longer, i'm going to try to teach the falcon how to do the sword dance. first of all, i was amazed that the secret service tolerated the president dancing in the middle with a hundred guys with swords. utterly different than the elite american media wanted to send. i think this is why this is such a historic trip and i believe when they go to jerusalem it's going to be historic and i know that hope francis is eager to sit down and talk with the presid
6:12 am
continue, i think, historic trip that is remarkable. >> you mentioned, you brought up a few minutes the counterterrorism in ridy -- riyadh. the house will go after even those in the country who are -- abby: sword dance from yesterday. [laughter] abby: just for you, speaker. pete: do you think it will have the teeth that we want it to have? >> that's a big step forward because two or three years ago they weren't doing any of it and now they quit doing the stuff they were never told they were doing. second, i think it's very important to put this in context. in 1990, the saudi kingdom came under enormous attack from
6:13 am
people like bin radden because they had westerners in saudi arabia and saudi king's title is the protector of the two mosques and king of saudi arabia. there's a whole sense you can't allow foreigners to be here. now we are going set up a permanent counterterrorism center organizing information, tracking things and i noticed yesterday, for example, that the foreign minister was very clear that the bombing of the towers which by the way the clinton administration desperately tried to avoid investigating because they didn't want to know that it was the iranians. for that statement from a foreign minister we are get to go clarification of this fight in a way that's amazing, partly driven by groups like isis and al-qaeda and rise of iran and the fact that as the saudis look at the modern world they have to modernize, they know that the
6:14 am
younger generation, the crown prince, for example, is a big advocate and i think it was no minor thing that both melania trump and ivanka came off without a head dress, if you notice the interpreter who is with the president does not have a head dress. there's a gradual signal here to women in saudi arabia that their future, i think this year they will probably be allowed to go without a head dress and probably allow today drive. the very fact that the president includes women's rights deliver today all of the countries is an enormous shift from the kind of pandering that barack obama -- abby: that's huge. pete: he ran the platform of american first and that's what voters voted for, not to be intervening not as much around the world and keeping america safe. tell us how this trip so far in the ways in which it embodies the first america first approach? >> secretary tillerson was extraordinary yesterday in the
6:15 am
press conference saying, look, we want to help arm you and that way you can makes it less expensive for us. we want to be partners around the world, not that we want to withdraw from the world but we want to make sure that our partners are equipped and trained and prepared so they can win with most of the fights with only modest amount of american involvement and i think in that sense this trip is both economically great for american. number of jobs that it's going to create are quite impressive and helps military and strengthens an ally that will be strong enough to stand up to iranians much better than they were. abby: standby, i want to get dr. ahmed. you'll have a very good take on
6:16 am
this, not wearing a head scarf, greeting the king as they got off the plane and making the statement. we respect your culture but we also respect ours and we are someone that's all for freedom of speech, expression for women, how is that do you think received in saudi arabia? >> there's been absolutely no criticism of the lack of head scarfs of either of these ladies in the first family but also let's not forget islam does not mandate the hijab. both the men and women in the u.s. delegation are modestly dressed, that is absolutely the requirement, additionally when we have foreign dignitaries, the queen of england, they are recorded same status. it's irrelevant and a lot of the other media that is been fixated
6:17 am
on this. mostly women are disinterested in the issue of vialing in this regard. but i think speaker gringrich lays incredible observation, yes, the guts to speak about women's rights in saudi arabia, not just the saudis but much of the muslim world which i've traveled in and lived in is not going to be lost. on many muslim men campianing in this reforming. in arabic we have a word, which means influence, how much pull do you have and this shows not only the extraordinary influence of saudi arabia over the muslim world but the united states globally so that's phenomenal and the excerpt in the speech about eliminating extremism within mosques, can i tell you there's a verse in the quran which speaks absolutely to that.
6:18 am
it's our job to destroy them when that occurs, so this is in line with true islamic values. clayton: decoupling isis from the quran. they have given us their play book repeatedly that they are trying to return to the purest form of islam. >> actually that's what they think in their delusions, but billions of muslims know otherwise because we had centuries without this ideology. as muslims we were warned during the prophet's lifetime what is it that you most fear for your followers that will come after you and he said they will emerge from among you, they will have quran that won't go further to their throats, they will claim they are the purest of muslims an slay you but they are nothing but dog offense the hell and was predicted years ago and we are living through al-qaeda,
6:19 am
taliban. muslims know this is much more at stake than saudi monarchy, this is our faith and to have the united states as partner in this is a tremendous support to muslims all over the world. pete: that's the million dollar question, the reformation of islam possible to push out extremists and christianity went through that same, how important it is as start and interim steps and what are the practical steps that have to happen to actually squash -- >> great, question, peter. i could not possibly be in the position to comment on reformation of revealed religion. muslims are in this pitiful and we have stray from the islam.
6:20 am
i believe in the profit mohamed, i believe in jesus, i believe in abraham. this is required, muslims have left that by persecuting christians, by persecuting other faiths, by persecuting jews, we have abandoned our foundation and we saw incredible images of president trump arriving as the final most important guest. more honor than the king of saudi arabia in that gathering accompanied by president sisi one of the last people to attend, he made the boldest moves and said exactly what you said, he called for reformation, now he's in a position as a leader of an important sunni arab republic, it may be coming, this is a step. one of the fundamentals things we need, is it going come from the west? muslims itself we are illiterate
6:21 am
in the faith that we have, literally, muslims cannot read the words, muslims do not understand the words and they fail to understand the spirit of islam. that is something that has to come within the muslim world and that is being waged not just through media but we have banks of scholars, i was there in april, brilliant islamic scholars online dealing with real-time jihadist etiology, so we are doing this in realtime because we ourselves as muslims have been ignorant. abby: thank you for being with us this morning. really great having you on. pete: thank you so much. amazing analysis this morning. we've got former speaker of the house newt gringrich. abby: look at the line-up. pete: we want to get to david brodie. we are waiting the speech at 9:15. we are about six minutes late
6:22 am
right now, what's happening? >> pretty typical for these types of trips and, indeed, it is going to be a little bit later in coming, 10:00 o'clock eastern time. we are having that confirmed, and we also got news that jared kushner will be coming to the press filing center later this afternoon and we should be able to get some more insight and intel if you will as to what the reaction will be post -- post speech, if you will, i have to tell you, there's obviously a lot of talk about this speech and not just in america, of course, but here in riyadh, it's the talk of the town. he will not utter words islamic terrorism which is going to be consternation to his base. pete: we have excerpts saying
6:23 am
that he will talk about the crisis of islamic terrorist groups. call it radical islam, either way it's calling out the religious aspects on what motivates the extremists. >> that's absolutely right. i also think donald trump is not much into call it this and call it that. i can see him working into new york accent. call it what you like and we have to get a handle on the problem. part of it is the art of the deal. what do i mean by that? donald trump is a no nonsense guy and also know that is you need to have negotiating points and it would be kind of a stupid, if you will, to calling another little term to come over here to riyadh, saudi arabia and start talking from radical terrorism if you want help from the saudis. it's art of the deal that you just don't do that and no-brainer deal mentality played out in israel next when he's not going to move the embassy to jerusalem, why would you move the embassy to jerusalem when
6:24 am
you want to get the best deal ever as he would say in the peace process. i think we are seeing what a lot of what donald trump's dna looks like. abby: david, you know the president well, you worked with him closely as the former deputy campaign manager through the campaign during many high stake moments, walk us through president trump in a moment like this, he knows all the eyeballs around the world are going to be on him listening to every word that he says, how is he in these moments? >> he's the ultimate game-time player. i have seen the president rise to the occasion like very few have in my experience with him on the campaign. that goes for the debates through the different crises that came up in the campaign. he can deliver in the moments, you know, i look at it like a baseball coach.
6:25 am
who do i want up at the plate when the game is on the line in the ninth inning, i want donald trump in the box because he's a guy that's going to deliver for the team and his team is the united states of america and he no matter what word he uses in this speech today, no one around the world is going to misconstrued them, he's going to be confused by determination to put america security first and the realism of the world that we live in today and i think that that's what the president is going to be delivering here in his speech. pete: the world may not misconstrue but the media here in the united states and the left-wing media has done their damn best. >> the speech is live, millions of americans will hear the speech and resinate all around the world as dave said, but the first effort will be to say, i
6:26 am
wonder what he did wrong, let's parse it against entire campaign as opposed to here is an extraordinary leader in an extraordinary moment surrounded by more leaders than every more than president in the middle east offering a very clear vision of a partnership. this is a very big deal. he's saying to all of the countries, we want to be your partner, but a partnership that includes judaism, liberating women. he is really setting out a stage here. i think david is exactly right. you read the art of the deal, if understand that donald trump's life is negotiating and his life is thinking about particular setting. when he got the chinese to agree to put pressure on north korea, he didn't pick up a currency fight and the media says, jeez, he's not doing this. if you got them helping you, why would you go out of your way to punch them in the face?
6:27 am
right now he's doing the same thing. he's using stronger language than the any american president has ever used in an arab setting and doing it to establish a partnership. he's going to do it with all of the countries feeding the speech back to populations and will probably be the largest viewership of any president ever and that's an amazing achievement. clayton: please standby, we are going the take a quick break as we await the president's historic speech in riyadh, saudi arabia shortly before 10:00 o'clock, we will be right back with more of the president's trip. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement.
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just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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pete: welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday. wewe are continue to follow developments in saud sautd as the president has arrived in the summit and moments away from historic speech where he will be addressing over 50 arab and muslim leaders, what speaker gringrich called biggest ever to the muslim world. abby: he asked him about james comey and here is what he said. >> the president was simply saying to the russians, these issues at home are not going to
6:32 am
get in the way of my effort and the effort of my government to see if we can find a way to move this relationship forward. clayton: that was in response to chris wallace about calling him a nut job, what do you take from his response there? >> you have the same thing. many people in the news media can no source that is are willing to use their name. the same thing with the washington post story recently which you had tillerson and mcmaster and powell come out saying it was totally untrue. we are in a cycle where reporters make up whatever antitrump they want to, throw it up and claim that an anonymous person told them and no proof for it and again you try to interpret things, you're in the middle conversation with the russian foreign minister, please don't pay attention to this noise, imagine going to saudi arabia and having -- what if they spend all day saying to him, gosh, what about all of the stuff we are reading about comey and they don't because they know
6:33 am
better. he's the president of the united states and the fact that he has termites in the news media chopping at his ankles is not stopping him and other countries who are begin to go realize that this is this guy is the real deal. abby: could this change the narrative, you think? >> no. tillerson's comment change the narrative? no. i know trump did something terrible, i wonder what it is. pete: yes. presumption of guilty followed by an attempt to find fact that is are almost never there. >> if they can't call any facts, they call each other, what have you heard, somebody said to me -- somebody at the subway said to me they thought trump might have done x. unnamed source standing at subway -- pete: senior subway sandwich maker.
6:34 am
abby: they are like we are so confused as to what's going on, we don't know what to believe, we don't know what to turn on anymore. we are living in a different world. when you were speaker of the house i'm sure things were complicated but this is a whole different reality and it's frustrating for the american people trying to follow. >> when i became speaker, before i was sworn in time magazine had me on the cover as scrouge, broken crutch and the title was, how mean gringrich's america be to the poor, the next week they had me as dr. suess figure. trump has got more than i got. i got more than reagan got because media has gone to the left and become more hostile and bitter for at least 30 years. pete: the system has always been rigged against conservative, conservative republicans. the president is scheduled to be speaking here about ten minutes, ten minutes from now he should be taking the podium along with
6:35 am
the saudi king who will be introducing him. that's what we are hearing as far as the run-up show. clayton: we had a guest on our show, supporters are confused, they don't know what to believe, sources coming, is it true, this robert mueller investigation will in fact, shed light on some truth, do you buy that argument? >> i don't know. it depends in parton how mueller defines his investigation. people talk about was there interference from russia. let's go down the list here. at the same time we have this very strange story now of this young man who worked for the democratic national committee who was assassinated at 4:00 in the morning having given wikileaks something like 23,000,
6:36 am
i'm sorry 53,000 emails and 17,000 attachments, nobody is investigating that and what does that tell you about what was going on, because it turns out it wasn't the russians, it was this young guy who i suspect was disgusted by the corruption of the democratic national committee, he's been killed and apparently nothing serious has been done to investigate his murder. i would like to see what mueller is going to define on what his assignment is and if it's narrowly trump the country will not learn what they need to learn about foreign politics. abby: standby, the middle east expert at the hudson institute and former chief of staff, to secretary of state john kerry. thank you both for being here. wow, all the eyeballs are going to be on the speech in about ten minutes here. pete: michael. >> everyone is going to be looking at it and it's important
6:37 am
because iran and other middle eastern countries. it's very important that they hear what the president says. in my recent travel to the middle east and they understood what extreme vetting meant, it means to vet males demand some case widows and they're the same security threat when these individuals travel in the middle east. i don't think there's going to be a lot of constornation but coupled with what the foreign minister said yesterday about iran's activities when he basically took advantage of the world watching him layed out an indictment of iran's activities, it's important that iran hears the message really loud as well as isis and al-qaeda. pete: we are going to hear from the president very shortly. as someone who worked for former secretary of state john kerry, a
6:38 am
big contrast between what we heard in cairo in 2009 from former barack obama than from president trump, big difference in reception, the king of saudi arabia coming out to meet air force one right at the edge of the carpet where last year no one was to meet president obama, what do you make about the difference in reception in tone? >> thank you so much. i want to start out by say that's not the way the ban was written and that's one of the reasons courts have had a problem wit. everybody who has been on your program is right that the optics on this trip have been positive for the president, positive for the white house, the welcome has been as warm as everyone says but today is the day where long trip, eight days really shifts from circumstances into substance, the first big substantive challenge the president trying to satisfy a
6:39 am
tone constituency and slightly skeptical middle eastern audience that's heard some of the things he's said before. that's challenge one. the president goes to israel, advance of his stop, some problems in terms of scheduling and logistics that caused friction between the white house and israeli government and in europe where the degree of skepticism is much higher today than in the middle east because of the things the president said about nato. this is going to get hard before easier. so far the optics have been positive. clayton: mr. speaker, do you agree that it'll get harder than easier. >> you're watching the president meet with 50 leaders and extraordinary successful visit, you start thinking, hey, this guy is real. it changes things. i know that the visit he's going to have to the vatican, the holey father said two days ago that he looks forward to listening to trump and not judging the situation, they have issues such as human trafficking
6:40 am
and religious liberty where they strongly agree. we will have to wait and see. the saudis -- i've never seen the level of enthusiasm and support and all the things that the saudis are doing and hey, we want this partnership to be real and here is the key task. is it going to be a real antiterrorism center? well, i don't think you mess around with guys like mcmaster and mattis. they know what they are doing. it's not going to be a joke. it's going to be monitored by mnuchin who is a pretty sophisticated guy at treasury. i think that'll be monitored by mattis. all of the stuff comes back to the quality of the team which maybe the best national security team in modern history, these guys are all professional, they are all tough, they bring generation of experience as tillerson pointed out, you know,
6:41 am
exxon mobile is the biggest single investor in saudi arabia, he has been there for his entire business life, they know each other well, these guys aren't playing games. >> yeah, i want to bring michael into that. you want this relationship between the united states and saudi arabia to be real because this features, of course, michael very important but more importantly what happens after the speech, how you continue on that momentum, keep that relationship strong so that we can make the improvements that are so much needed in fighting terrorism and many other things. >> exactly. one thing you'll hear general mattis and mcmaster say and flynn said it as well in his book, is you cannot defeat a sunni jihadist organization like isis unless you have sunnies help defeat it with sunni manpower and this counterintelligence center in riyadh is so important because it will counter the isis message that has led to recruitment.
6:42 am
it will be a way to message to a sunni terrorist groups from sunni regional powers that this is not the way to do this meaning people should not join this organization. it's very important that we get sunni allies on board and marginalizing and very strong partnership and saudi has been waiting for it for eight years and they are very happy with this president. commanders on the ground are happy that they have a commander in chief that will differ to their expertise. this is a strong message just like your previous said about respect, about having that, there's a lot going on because of this trip. pete: moments away from the president speaking, possibly minutes, we don't have a live feed but we should shortly. the saudi arabia king will be introducing the president of the united states, as soon as we have those picture, we will, of course, bring them to you.
6:43 am
clayton: john who worked for former secretary of state john kerry. there's been a lot of criticism of the obama administration and the idea that america is back, american superiority and waiting for leadership, what would you say to that? >> i took issue that it never went anywhere both militarily and in terms of force posture and particularly diplomatically where we were engaged in trying to resolve conflicts all over the middle east. i think the obama -- pete: would you acknowledge that the obama administration shifted to emphasis toward iran and there's definitely a feeling in jerusalem and in riyadh that the cold shoulder was turned and this is a chance to recoup that. >> what the obama administration shifted to was diplomacy.
6:44 am
we may be going back to that sort of era with the trump administration. the president who talked during the campaign about not intervening in what he called stupid conflicts in the middle east is actually increased military engagement in yemen, in places like somalia, syria and iraq, maybe soon in afghanistan. so what you have a president who is solving problems he thinks with the military. he's surrounded himself with military advisers and deemphasized and this is very important diplomacy by slashing the state department budget and failing to appoint -- >> he said, i've inherited a mess without leadership and as a result our allies have been worried where we are and enemies have taken advantage of that void, could you not acknowledge that a new president may have to come back in and make adjustments and before he can do the types of things he's doing before us in saudi arabia? >> elections have consequences and presidents have right to implement new policies. if he did, why would you want to seek out greater conflict, greater tension in the region that's -- as opposed to use
6:45 am
diplomacy. clayton: mr. speaker, i want you to address that, we are leaving an era of diplomacy. >> look, look. whether it's libya, yemen, somalia, syria, other than a terrible deal with iran, it's very hard to be convincing that the obama matter of diplomacy worked. but, second, what you have here in the team that the president has assembled, first of all, on the diplomacy side, the president is meeting with 50 play juror leaders in the muslim world. this is one of the most extraordinary diplomatic achievements in modern times and they're creating a partnership and most of those leaders are going to sign up for the partnership. talk about a great diplomatic achievement that sets the stage for things. second, in almost every case what you're seeing is americans providing very carefully selected training and very carefully selected advisers for the purpose of strengthening local forces, general mattis
6:46 am
said the other day and i thought it was revealing, the president said to us, quit worrying about territory with isis. i want it e abby: we are getting live pictures. president trump arriving for speech. he will speak any moment. there he goes. the king will introduce the president and the president will, of course, give the speech. speaker, i would love your take before we hear the word. there's been so much work put into this. every single word matters here. the president likes to go off script at times. you know when he's speaking to the american people. how will this speech be different for him? >> this is a statement of historic policy design today bring the other partnership with over 20 countries. it is design today reset our position in the middle east to begin to decisively defeat terrorism and i think the
6:47 am
president personally, i know he personally worked very hard, this is his vision of a realistic ideaism that moves forward with allies, with partners and truly tries to reset the world in a positive way. pete: we are looking at live footage of the photograph. the monarchy of saudi arabia, i also see king abdullah as well as al sisi of egypt. you take big photographs like this. abby: the family photo. pete: the family photo. clayton: that was a remarkable, we saw tight shot there on the president and this thing has been produced. look at the cameras that they've got. hundreds of cameras that the saudi government, state television has had all over the royal court on tracking cameras, they know the world stage is on them. >> remember, they are feeding their own people, the saudi people are seeing more of the
6:48 am
world today in a more open way than anyone would have thought possible and this is happening in egypt, it's happening in tu tunisia and the trump administration can feel very good that they've had the relationship growing here far beyond anybody in the american media thought possible. this is a guy remember that doesn't know about foreign affairs and ielationist, this is an extraordinary demonstration and hopefully genuine partnership with the middle east. clayton: we have been blessed and have so many great people. >> we see the president of the united states, next the president of saudi arabia and it's phenomenal, while many
6:49 am
things have been said, wonderful counterterrorism center in saudi arabia, two things that have changed, there is an enormous swell of political will in the muslim world which just was beaten down in the last eight years. that is new and also it's not just sunni armies and partnerships with these countries, but it's actually going to be the foundational principles of islam which all of these leaders can bring to bear in many, many ways. i mean sure that the saudi arabian to counterterrorism is going take a feather of allah center which has been doing that and they know like we do in the united states counter
6:50 am
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6:53 am
he gathered largest leaders in about our security our american president is held up like this on a foreign stage, it should reflect back proudly on every person who salutes the flag. >> i look at front page of "new york times," they have two articles on what they think relates to scandals, you know, that their news editors, are going crazy today. the fact is, the american publish is smart, they will see historic leadership by trump, they can sense which is real, it is important to dismiss it. this stuff is junk. i think you have to dismiss it as junk. move on. realize what you are watching is real history, made by a real
6:54 am
leader, every american should be proud, whether you are for trump or against trump. the president of the united states is bringing together an entire region into a partnership against terrorism. >> look at this room, we're talking about beautiful shots, this room, it is beautiful. what is going on, just a moment to take in. >> this is as former speaker of the house newt gingrich pointed out this being broadcast to their own people. with beautiful camera shots, and the staging of this sends a strong message. >> yes, i think just as speaker newt gingrich said, how honored this should make all americans, myself included feel, i myself was astounded that the first destination would be saudi arabia. this is the capital riyadh, but
6:55 am
epicenter this islam is mecca. this is historic. so all muslims, irrespective of nationality or sect. that are astounded he stopped first in muslim world. this is is not a diminishment of is -- israel, a very important ally who is aligned with saudi and u.s. interest. but it is about the urgency of the global problem is solve islamist extremism. it is overriding all other problem. >> interesting you make that point about picking saudi arabia. this president has been criticized many times for hating muslims, he could have picked anywhere in the world, here he
6:56 am
is in saudi arabia, this is a big moment. >> this man, has trump tower in gulf state, he has done business deals with saudi and other businessmen. he kept saying, i have many friends who are muslims, we're not talking about muslims, per say, we're talking about radicals who' to kill us. trump is a complex person. you can't predict him. because, he thinks at levels, i think he is one of three or four smartest people to serve in presidency. you are seeing this in this trip, this a very complicated trip. this is his first trip overseas, most presidents go to one country tip their toe . he dove in full force. this is day two. >> just to reset, we're moments away. this was supposed to happen at
6:57 am
9:15. getting everyone in this room to sit down. all heads of the arab state. once they are all seated, then the king will announce and do a people before president trump, $350 billion arms deal over 10 years. received highest honor yesterday. and general al sisi said, president trump, is the kind of guy that can do the impossible. mr. speaker, what did he mean? >> i think al sisi and king abdullah of jordan visited united states the week that trump fired 59 missiles at a syrian airfield, he also talked to king of saudi arabia. all of whom agreed he should
6:58 am
fire the missiles at the airfield. what al sisi means, i think he has looked at him close up. this is manage our friends in news media, trump is a force of nature. he is totally existential. he talked 100% to the people in the room. and he does this all day every day. he works long hours, he is the most energic president since theodore roosevelt. he does it, because he loves it. this is who he wanted to be. i think he wants to have the same relationship with the pope on issues like huma human trafficking. i think he wants to find a way to bring israel and palistinean closer together.
6:59 am
>> he has brought his family for this trip. we just saw ivanka, and jared kushner. >> former speaker of the house, newt gingrich a great pleasure with you. thank you so much for joining us. >> take care. >> we have about 45 seconds left on our program, we'll continue on fox news channel to cover this historic speech, we have done our 4 hours of beaut we dus it off to maria bartiromo. this is hard part, i was to say like, think about you know getting just 30 people to sit down, get them organized. maria: the whole trip has been so organized. and to get everyone to sit in one place. >> all to a moment, where president will stand up say
7:00 am
there is a crisis of islamic extremism. >> a speech we've been waiting for, for a long time, now we toss it over to maria bartiromo. >> good morning we're waiting markey moment of president trump's visit to saudi arabia, to call to nations to unite, destroy terrorism. good morning, i am maria bartiromo. this "sunday morning futures," you are looking right now at live pictures in riyadh, saudi arabia. saudi king hosting leaders from 50 muslim majority countries, president to speak any minute now. we'll take you there live. the speech is to focus on condemning violent in the name of religion. expr


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